Clay Aiken – Celebrating 15 Years!

It all started in Atlanta, Georgia on January 28th, 2003, when millions of people were introduced to a skinny redhead who wore glasses and had a unique fashion style. The American Idol judges looked skeptical and no one knew what to expect.

But like your mother used to say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Clay Aiken opened his mouth to sing and the incredible voice that poured out amazed everyone.

“Why are you here?” Clay spread his hands and stated simply; “Because I am the next American Idol.”

The skeptical judges watched and listened as Clay sang an excerpt from the 80’s song, Always and Forever and demonstrated his rich, clear voice.

Randy Jackson wanted to know where the voice came from and Simon Cowell suggested that he didn’t look like a pop star. But, it’s all about the voice and so Clay, the unlikely pop star, made his first steps on an incredible journey.

The voice continued to amaze through the following weeks. Clayton Aiken became Clay Aiken. He not only looked like a pop star, he became one.

Please watch this incredible audition here.

Thank you, hosaa

for the wonderful video

And…Thank you to Clay for 15 wonderful years!!

Congratulations!!  You are Still our Idol!!


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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Celebrating 15 Years!

  1. Hello CANN,

    Thank you for this post, which made me realize why January 28th was ringing a bell for me. 🙂

    15 years! Amazing… hard to believe.

    Your post inspired me to post, after a number of years of posting nothing on my Clay-fan blog. I of course included links to your post here. You'll find it at….

    Happy 15th anniversary to Clay and all of us Clay-fans!


  2. Thank you, CANN, for remembering this special day. And a hug "Thank you" to Clay Aiken for 15 wonderful years!

  3. 15 years??? Really??? Clay…you have brought such joy to me. Thank you for making the world just a little bit better!

  4. Thank you to CANN for this fun post and a thank you to hosaa for the wonderful video. The biggest thank you is to Clay for 15 wonderful years!!!

  5. 15 years of so much fun. Thank you Clay for taking a chance and making so many people happy. You are the best!

  6. 15 years???? Really??? I hope that Clay remembers too and that he has enjoyed the 15 years as much as I have!!

  7. Clay has jammed a whole lot of living into the past 15 years…Idol, the NIP, a run for congress, a 9 yr old son, a bevy of faithful fans and lots more to come.

  8. 15 years of so much fun. I hope Clay knows what he has given to us!! A toast to the best IDOL ever!!

  9. How fun that you remembered this date. So many people are sharing memories and happy today.

    Thank you, CANN and Thank you Clay for 15 wonderful years!

  10. You are still the most wonderful guy in the world. Still sing just like an angel and you melt my heart.

    Thank you so much Clay.

  11. Thanks for all the great memories. Clay is such a talented man. I hope he will entertain us again sometime!

    Love ya, Clay!!

  12. This has been a great day remembering all the fun we have had in the last 15 years.

    Thanks to Clay for all the fun.

  13. happy 15 years of being on americian idol clay thank you so much clay you have amazed me and you just are a wonderfull man and I also thank you clay for the fun and thanks cann for this poast

  14. I am a little late with my "Congratulations" on the past 15 years – I had no idea 15 years ago on this date that I would have a future filled with so much joy – thanks to the wonderful guy, Clay Aiken, who would provide so much of all kinds of memories for all of these 15 years.

    Thank you with much Love and many Prayers – – – "Always and Forever"!! <3

  15. This also means that NIP will be celebrating a "15 year Anniversary" too! I hope many of Clays fans will try to make it to the Gala this year for the huge celebration!

    Clay has promised a "Big Event" if there are enough able to attend! The Gala is always a spectacular weekend! 🙂

  16. It has been a wonderful 15 years with Clay. I thank you Clay for your beautiful songs and wonderful comedic moments. I hope I will get to see 15 more! Love you.

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