Clay Aiken – It’s Valentine’s Week!

Congratulations to the USA Figure Skating Team.  Team USA captured bronze in the figure skating team event.  What an exciting event.  All the skaters on all the teams were wonderful.  But…I am from the USA and can’t help but be proud of the USA team!

The skaters from Canada earned gold in figure skating’s team event  while the Olympic Athletes from Russia earned silver.

For the second straight Olympics, Team USA captured bronze medals.

Congrats to Mirai Nagasu who became the first American  lady to land a triple Axel at the Olympic Games and Adam Rippon, who made his Olympic debut in figure skating’s team event, racking up eight points for Team USA.

It is Valentine Week.

 It’s a great time to celebrate the beautiful love songs that Clay has sung in the last 15 years!

We will start the week with Clay singing To Love Somebody.

In May of 2003, Clay Aiken sang To Love Somebody as part of the Top 4 Show of Season 2 of American Idol.  All the American Idol judges, including Robin Gibb who was a guest judge for the evening, immediately praised Clay’s fantastic performance of the song. The live audience gave Clay a standing ovation for his performance.

That evening was one of the few times that I agreed with Simon Cowell’s comments about Clay’s performances.  That night, Cowell said:

Clay, I think this is the third Pop Idol or American Idol I’ve done if you include the English one, and that’s probably one of the best performances I’ve ever heard throughout the competition.

I would love to hear Clay sing this song again.  I think it really fits his vocal range and it certainly brought out strong emotions in Clay’s performance.

Were you watching Clay on American Idol when he sang this song? 

Is it one of your favorites too?

We only have a few more days until Valentine’s Day.

Clay sings love songs with passion!

Please let me know you have a favorite love song by Clay

that you would like me to post on Valentine’s Day!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Valentine’s Week!

  1. I am enjoying the ice skating on TV and very proud of all of the athletes from the USA, also.

    I was watching when Clay sang "To Love Somebody" and that was one of my favorites, too. One of my favorite love songs is "Bring Back My Love" – so beautiful! <3 He sang that for the very first time at the 2011 Gala – another amazing night!

  2. So proud of our American team for winning Gold! So many guest judges have praised Clay for his performances especially my favorite BeeGee Robin Gibb! I have three favorite love songs by OMC! "Where Do I Begin" from "Love Story", "Something About Us" and
    "Bring Back My Love"

  3. I was watching AI that day and agreed with the judges. Clay choice of song and performance were absolutely perfect. Looking back, it is amazing what Clay has accomplished in his life since then.

  4. I don’ t care about anything except hearing Clay sing again. If he really wants to make people happy he will sing. The last thing I want to hear is more political crap no one wants to listen to!

  5. i was watching when clay sang to love somebody from the beegees there were so many judges that had praised clay for his performances and iloved it when robbin gibb said that's the way it should be sung but robbin gibb was not my fav beegee barry gibb is my fav beegee to love somebody is one of the songs that is my all time favorite and bring back my love is a good love song

  6. That performance made me forever fan of Clay – still a loyal fan because of his voice and also his integrity!!

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