Clay Aiken – Are You Ready For Tuesday?

 A Tuesday after a three day weekend is like a double-whammy Monday!


I hope you all had a wonderful long week-end.

 It was a time to be thankful and also to have fun with family and friends.

It was fun to see new pictures of Clay Aiken.  We even got a new picture on Monday afternoon.

 They must have taken a few pictures at the same time!

A poll from Candice Cane,  the director of the show, was put on Facebook a bit ago and the results were shown on Monday.  Not surprising to me!!

It is fun to think that 98% of the people who participated in the poll know Clay!!

I wonder how that makes Clay feel?

I will publish news and pictures as soon as I can.  I hope we get lots more!!


I thought you might want to watch this fun video of Clay!

Yes…memories of American Idol!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Ready For Tuesday?

  1. OMG, Clay swinging his hips! I was over-the-moon! Then Simon made those horrible comments, BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to hear more about Clay today, thank you CANN!

  2. I always thought Clay looked great in that red jacket with shoes to match. He finally had some pants that fit better and weren't as baggy as usual. Everyone loved the song except Simon.
    Got a kick out of the poll…'Do You Know Who Clay Aiken Is?' YES!

  3. Yay, that's good news on the poll! I loved it when Clay performed Grease on American Idol with that red jacket and the hip shake. That was one of my favorite emoticons on the OFC.

  4. yaaay that sure is a good poll and good news I also got a kick out of the poll do you know who clay Aiken is why yes hes my clay man idol singer hes omc

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