Clay Aiken – Christmas On Broadway

As I write this, I realize that there are only two more performances of Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show!!  Hopefully, having a wonderful Christmas show will become a annual event.

Clay and Ruben!!  Thank you for the wonderful show.

I look forward to bringing my grandkids to see you next year!

On Saturday morning, Ruben and Clay sent the following message on twitter…

Christmas may be over, but we aren’t done celebrating! We’ve got 4 more performances to keep the holiday spirit going:

And now…there are only two more shows!

On December 28th, Matt Bailey wrote an article about Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show on

The Music Universe

Even The Grinch Could Love ‘Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show’


Who said it was time to un-Deck The Halls? Christmas may be over, but Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show (the abridged version of the comically-long title, Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show) Is still going strong…

…Their Christmas show marries the best of classic holiday variety shows with the amazing talents for which the now-40-year-olds are remembered. The show is a two hour roller coaster of emotion. Aided by a cast of five singers/actors, as well as a set to rival that of any Andy Williams’ Christmas TV special, the pair make their mark by embracing the best of what makes Broadway, Broadway. Campy costumes, wonderful orchestrations, and all-out spectacle…

…Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show…For one, it actually injects the audience with good ol holiday merriment. Aiken and Studdard’s voices are as keen as they were 15 years ago, and their fanbase is as loyal as ever…

…My personal judgement is that the overall production suffered from pacing issues due to an overemphasis on the comedy and banter, the variety made for an enjoyably classic evening of true entertainment. But, even its most uneven moments, the Broadway-fying of these Idol champs has not damped their ability to belt it and captivate a room

The pair shine best when they duet, playing off each other’s strong voices and sending the crowd into ovation after ovation. This is Broadway, and so all five co-stars feature with their vocals as well, allowing Aiken to change from one shiny suit to another, or allowing Studdard to put on a gospel robe and prepare to hold a revival…

…If you are (like me) still in the Christmas spirit and want one last Holiday Hoorah before that big Times Square Ball drops, you need to go see Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show…

To read the entire article, click The Music Universe
The following are a few of my favorite pictures from the last month!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
 And…stop by later to hear about the end of the show!
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  1. It is hard to believe the show is at the end of its run! Christmas is still in the air with these two! Congratulations to the success of the show and hopefully you two are coming back next year!

  2. Wishing 'the boys' (Clay & Ruben) and all of the CANN fans a Very Happy New Year. I'll start saving my $$ so I can see them on Broadway next year.

  3. Sad to see the show end, but so glad that it happened!!!!! Love the pictures!! Thanks Musicfan.

  4. im very sad to see this Christmas show come to an end but im pleased and glad that it happened congratulations clay and ruben I also love the pictures thanks music fan I will try to save my money so I can get to see them on brawd way next year

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