Clay Aiken – Helping Kids Throughout The World

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On 12/26/04, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a tsunami that left more than 122,000 dead and about 114,000 missing in Banda Aceh.

On 3/14/05, Clay Aiken visited Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He was there as a Goodwill UNICEF ambassador to help bring awareness to the tsunami ravaged area.

While touring Indonesia three months after the tsunami devastated vast areas of  South Asia, Clay witnessed and participated in UNICEF programs that helped children reconnect with their families, provided care for orphans, allowed children to return to school and helped prevent the spread of disease.

On April 5th, 2005, Clay was interviewed by Victoria Recando in the TV show, “The Insider.”  Besides chatting with Clay, Victoria showed a personal video diary of Clay as he visited the Banda Aceh.

The following video is from the Insider on April 5th

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Helping Kids Throughout The World

  1. Maybe UNICEF and Clay could head to our southern border to help the children in cages there find their parents.

  2. Clay truly is THE American Idol. Not only for his talent, but for his compassion. This is something that completely cemented my adoration for him. Good Luck getting your Gala tickets!!!! I wish I could attend, but I hadn't planned for May, so after spending money in December…I can't do it. Maybe next year.

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