Clay Aiken – A Part of May Sweeps


Clay Aiken has appeared on the Tonight Show many times.  On May 11, 2004, Clay was a guest on The Tonight Show.  As a part of May Sweeps, the Show was broadcast from Las Vegas.  Clay chatted with Jay and they discussed:

1.  Clay’s New Years’ Eve costume.

2.  The story of being a car thief.

3.  How Clay wanted to be like Mr. Rogers

4. The latest story in In Touch Magazine about Clay being the loneliest Guy in LA.

The highlight of the evening was hearing Clay perform Solitaire.  He always seems to sing that song from his heart.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video.




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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Part of May Sweeps

  1. I've always loved that song and Clay did a fantastic rendition of it. He sure can hit the high notes, but I especially am moved by those low notes he gives us.

  2. i have always loved the song solatare also and clay sure did a really amazing job singing that rendition of it and I tell ya clay can indeed hit highnotes as well im very moved by the low notes that he sings and gives to us

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