Clay Aiken – An Amazing Look!


 A Thousand Different Ways.

by Clay Aiken

 …an album filled with love songs and real gems.

Clay started the promotion for A Thousand Different Ways with an appearance on The Tonight Show. Sometimes you just remember certain Clay Aiken performances more than others. Clay’s visit with Jay Leno on September 15, 2006 is one that is remembered and popular with many fans.

Howie Mandel was the first guest on the show. He was very funny and his comedy relaxed Jay and the audience. But the audience was waiting for Clay and he certainly didn’t let them down. He seemed very relaxed and chatted about many different topics. All three of the men seemed to have a good time together and kept the audience entertained.


Clays engaging interview featured his European vacation. He chatted about passing out in McDonald’s while in Slovenia and getting so ill that he started planning his funeral. He even mentioned that he wanted Ruben to sing at the service!!

But this visit to the Tonight Show was really remembered more for the stunning look that Clay had that night. There was just something special about the gray suit that made Clay look amazing. The pictures from that night are some of the best and the three videos are pretty awesome too.

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Amazing Look!

  1. Clay always looks amazing in a suit and this night was no exception. I loved the fun between Howie M. and Clay. Also between Jay and Clay – always lots of fun!

    Loved the videos and pics – Thanks to CANN.

  2. Clay can bring a "classic" song back and make it sound brand new!
    Beautiful voice, Beautiful man is OMC!

  3. Thank you for the pictures and video. I loved the suit, hair and voice. Thank you again to CANN. Clay has a beautiful voice for this song.

  4. clay has alwas looks amazing and sounds amazing iliked the fun also between Howie mandel and clay and also jay leno and clay clay sure can bring back a classic song and indeed make it sound new iloved the videos and pics thanks cann

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