Clay Aiken – Performs The Song That Won Him Over

OK….Think for a moment.

 What was Clay Aiken doing on April 20, 2013?

Do you remember?

He was a guest on Season 12 of American Idol.   During this season, the audience numbers were dropping so the show invited some of the top performers to return to the show.  Called Idol Update, the idea helped add more numbers to some of the weeks…especially Clay.

Because Clay had not been on the show for a long time, his visit caused a lot of excitement and lots of reviews.  The following are a few of the reviews.

Reality Rewind

The Claymates were in full force last night on American Idol Season 12, as Clay Aiken made his way back to the American Idol stage and fans that have not tuned into Idol in years were back watching to see their Idol Clay Aiken perform “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the American Idol 2013 results show last night…

Clay came out last night and performed the song that won him over even more fans during his season, in which he lost to Ruben Studdard. The video before his performance and showing everything that he has done since his time on American Idol was pretty remarkable and shows how great a guy Clay really is.

He took the spotlight of being on the show and used it to benefit others and helps children with disabilities. Bravo to him! Also, bravo to him for looking good last night. It looks like Clay Aiken has lost some weight and he had it going on last night during his “Bridge Over Troubled Water” performance.


…Season two runner-up Clay Aiken also made an appearance, revisiting one of his top performances during his tenure on the show, Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Though Aiken has been quiet musically in recent years, the performance reasserted his standing as one of the show’s all-time best male vocalists…

Also on Thursday night, season 2 runner-up (lost to Rubben Studdard), Clay Aiken returned to the show that made him a household name in America to perform slay (again) with a cover performance of “Bridge over Troubled Water“. Clay performed this classic song ten years ago at the finale of ‘Idol’ season 2. He executed it flawlessly once more!

Yahoo Music

The “Idol” nostalgia continued with a rare appearance by Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken, who sang his signature cover song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”… It was like the best episode of “American Idol Rewind” ever, and all that was missing was the triumphant return of Brian Dunkleman. “Idol” viewers were totally partying like it was 2003

I have added 2 videos of this event to this blog.  There is one of Clay’s interview and the other is Clay’s performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

I hope you enjoyed this blog today.  Sometimes it is great to remember some of the important performances.

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Hours Later:
Sorry that CANN is late today!
As I was putting together this blog last night, our server…”stopped serving”  
There was nothing I could do so I finished up this morning.
Have a wonderful day!





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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Performs The Song That Won Him Over

  1. Great I remember watching this in 2012.. Clay is the greatest. Nobody on Idol can compare to Clay's voice. I miss him. It's been seventeen years since Idol 2.. Look he is remembered and written about still today.

  2. Clay sings Bridge Over Troubled Waters better than anyone else around. He sure looked good that evening. Seems like Randy was the only judge from the past who was around when Clay hit it big during AI 2.

  3. clay aiikensings bridge over troubled waters better than simon and Garfunkel and no one in this earth or on this earth can sing a song like clay can wow seventeen years I miss clay so badley

  4. Loved this performance and watch it often on my computer. He is so talented and I miss seeing him perform.

  5. I just watched the video the other day, but once is never enough! Love it, Love it! Thank you, CANN!

  6. This video shows just how great of a singer Clay is – got chills watching it just as I did watching Season 2 all of those years ago! He is a real "Star" and his shine will never be outdone!
    Thank you, CANN!

  7. Thank you for the pictures and the 2 videos. Clay's voice got better in time. He will always be a star. Thank you again.

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