Clay Aiken – A Loud and Enthusiastic Response

The Date: October 22, 2003

The Show: Good Morning America

The Reason: A surprise!

Clay Aiken was a guest on Good Morning America on October 22nd, 2003.  It was just a week after his promotional performance on the show for his new CD, Measure of A Man. According to reports, Clay really didn’t know exactly why he was there, but assumed it had to be about his new album.

Introduced by Charlie Gibson, Clay was dressed casually in jeans and a brown shirt. After some casual chatting with Charlie and Diane Sawyer, they introduced a surprise guest. Clive Davis entered the studio and Clay seemed somewhat startled.

Clive was carrying a plaque and announced that Clay had sold 612,859 CDs in the first week of sales. This was the highest number of sales in 10 years. With many words of praise, Clive presented Clay with a commemorative disk which celebrated his certified double platinum CD, Measure of A Man.

Clay’s response was fun to watch. First, there were the looks of embarrassment, his look of thanks to the heavens, a nervous ear scratch and lots of giggles.

Both Diane and Charlie seemed excited and thrilled for Clay and the live audience gave a loud and enthusiastic response to the announcement.

This appearance on Good Morning America was short, but exciting. I would imagine it was a moment that Clay will remember forever.

The video is great. Look for the cute ear scratch!

Were you following Clay when this appearance occurred?

This Good Morning America show was in October, 2003  and I thought it might be fun to see it before October is over for this year.

What an amazing time.  The video is fun to watch and see how Clay responded to this exciting time.

I am sure you have seen this before, but it’s a pretty important time in Clay’s life.  It’s fun to see one more time!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Loud and Enthusiastic Response

  1. I can’t even imagine the excitement going on inside of Clay on this very special morning! I did see this morning show and no one deserved that honor more than Clay. So excited and happy for him – a treasure he will have with him as long as he lives! Can you imagine what his whole family must have been feeling!

    Thank you for that video!

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and the video. He deserves the award for this CD. I remember this. I have the CD. Thank you CANN.

  3. thanks for the pictures and especialy the video the reaction on clays face says it all he sure did deserve the honor anamazing tresure he will indeed have with him aslong as clay lives i can only emagian what his family felt that day

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