Clay Aiken – On A Prestigious List  published an article on November 2nd, 2020 that was interesting.  They posted a up-to-date list of songs that have Debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 100.  Clay Aiken is still on this prestigious list at No. 11  It’s so nice to see Clay is on this list!!  

Insider said:

Only 44 songs in history have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 100  — but just 20 of those remained on top for a second consecutive week…. 

Clay is listed:

11. Clay Aiken
“This Is the Night”
Chart Debut Date: June 28, 2003

When was the last time you listened to Clay sing This Is The Night?

The following video is from his first performance of this award winning song.

Did this make you smile?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On A Prestigious List

  1. Thank you for the pictures and the video. I like this song. To be on the top 100 with your first song is special. The video did make me smile. Thank you CANN.

  2. So proud of Clay making history in the music industry! I don’t normally watch beauty pageants, but waiting for Clay to perform “This is the Night” was worth the time! Thank you, CANN, you’re the best!

  3. I love thsi song, but in that clip Clay laughing about Simon, when he says Clay is handsome was the best. I love him mor (if that is possible),

  4. Clay's smile would win anybody over. He could sing anything. Who could hit those high notes but Clay. With a good song I bet He could hit number one again. I miss him. Time to play Merry Christmas with love. No 1 Christmas Album.

  5. im verry proud of clay making histoy im the singing music indestrey i also dont watch manny beauty pagents but i also was wating for clay to sing and perform this is the night wasindeed worththe time

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