Clay Aiken – A Standing Ovation

To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you!


In 1967, the Gibb Brothers released their first album in England.  Named Bee Gee’s 1st, the album had 14 tracks.  One of the most popular tracks on the album was #10.  It was called To Love Somebody and it became a huge hit for the group.

In May of 2003, Clay Aiken sang To Love Somebody as part of the Top 4 Show of season 2 of American Idol.  All the American Idol judges, including Robin Gibb who was a guest judge for the evening, immediately praised Clay’s fantastic performance of the song. The live audience gave Clay a standing ovation for his performance.

That evening was one of the few times that I agreed with Simon Cowell’s comments about Clay’s performances.  That night, Cowell said:

Clay, I think this is the third Pop Idol or American Idol I’ve done if you include the English one, and that’s probably one of the best performances I’ve ever heard throughout the competition.

I would love to hear Clay sing this song again.  I think it really fits his vocal range and it certainly brought out strong emotions in Clay’s performance.

Were you watching Clay on American Idol when he sang this song? 

Is it one of your favorites too?


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Standing Ovation

  1. Very excited! All the judges were praising Clay’s performance. I was ecstatic to Robin’s comment to Clay: This is the way the song should be sung! Thank you, CANN for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. I watch all of Season 2. I remember when Clay sang this song. I was very excited when Robin said about Clays performance and also Simon. I was sure Clay would have won with a performance like that. It was great. Thank you for sharing. It brings back great memories. Thank you CANN.

  3. Couldn't tear myself away from the TV when Clay was on AI 2. He was brilliant performing
    To Love Somebody'. I especially liked that Robin Gibbs agreed that it was done perfectly.

  4. Yes, I watched this on my TV – always waited excitedly for Season 2 and a chance to see Clay one more time! This song was done to perfection – no denying that – even Simon had to admit it!!! Thank you for letting us hear it again – it is one of many favorites!

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