Clay Aiken – Happy February – It’s Cold!

Happy February!

It’s the month of

Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, The Super Bowl, Groundhog Day,

American Heart Month, Great American Pie Month,


Black History Month


February has been a good month for Clay Aiken.  He has participated in many exciting things in February.

Do you remember these events?


February 28 – Miami Florida – Independent Tour


February 7, 2004 – Saturday Night Live


February 15, 2005 – Scrubs – Clay played the part of a cafeteria worker.


February, 2008 – Clay was in Spamalot


February 27, 2014 – Clay filed his paperwork at the North Carolina Board of Elections


February 12, 2012 – First episode of Celebrity Apprentice

February 14, 2017 . Clay was the featured guest on HLN’s show,”Michael LA”.


February 25, 2020 – Politicon announced that Clay was the new host of the podcast, How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

From the Tour!

Measure of A Man


Of course there are many other events in February, but I think all of these are great!

So…what will Clay do this February?  

I hope he is happy and that we will see him…soon!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy February – It’s Cold!

  1. I believe the opening song was from the Independent Tour. What a night that was! The screaming for Clay was deafening. Our arena was packed and I don't think anyone sat down for the whole second half of the show when it was Clay's turn to sing (Kelly Clarkson was the first act). I seem to remember it was snowing that day, too, just like it is here today.

  2. Thank, you for all the pictures and the video. The songs Clay sang are great. The video put together is great. Thank you for sharing. You are right about the cold. February is always cold, but Clays singing warms the heart. Thank you CANN.

  3. Beautiful and very emotional for Clay, listening to the audience singing MOAM! Thank you, CANN for sharing the video and the pictures of Claymemories for February!

  4. Our weather is right where it should be – very, very cold and very snowy! Thank you for all
    of the Clay memories including the video. It is great to sit back and think about how much
    Clay has touched our hearts over these many years. It would be wonderful to hear him sing again and enjoy it as much as we would!

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