Clay Aiken – A Battle ’til The End

“The Battle of the Gingers Part Two” – “Winning by a Nose”

 I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am glad that this episode is over.  I know that editing can change the entire story, however, I am still trying to understand how Clay Aiken’s team lost.  Maybe we will see more by reading the reviews that have already been posted.

Please remember, I am only posting a few comments from the linked articles.  These comments will be about Clay or an important comment.  May I also remind you that the sites love comments?  It’s one of the ways we can show appreciation to the author and site for their article.  OK…”Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!”

Entertainment Weekly – EW.comThe Sweet Smell of Success

By Dalton Ross

… Frankly, I am stunned that I made it 400 words into this recap without mentioning Clay Aiken’s testicles. Not that I make it a habit of discussing such things at length, but if someone on this show is going to start comparing the size of his testicles to the size of someone else’s testicles, well, then how can I not discuss it? The “someone else’s” testicles in question were none other than Penn Jillette’s. When Trump announced to the teams that they would be creating a store display and slogan for The Donald’s new fragrance, Success, Penn said he didn’t want to be Project Manager because he knew not of such things (of course, that didn’t stop him from relentlessly suggesting how to do every single element of the task). So Clay took it on instead. Clay wisely brought this up in the Boardroom, telling Trump, “It’s surprising to think that I’m the one that has the bigger balls of the two of us.” Personally, I am a bit surprised they didn’t have a “Boardroom Ball-Off” right then and there to settle the dispute. For what it’s worth, my “biggest balls” money would have been on George Ross.

… Besides, Clay wants nothing to do with Dayana’s boobs. He’s too busy obsessing over the hot male model. “Once the model showed up, we put him in a shirt and tie and tried to do him,” Clay informed us. That’s right: do him. This was after he pawed at the model’s collar, yet before he unnecessarily straightened his tie, admitting that he “just wanted to touch you.”

… So after Clay’s team lost, Penn was fired for coming up with the “You Earned it” slogan.

To read the entire review, click on EW.COM – recap- The Scent of Failure

By Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger

… Clay and Penn are up for project manager, but Penn defers to Clay.

… Trump asks Clay why he didn’t listen to Dayana’s suggestion for a fragrance pamphlet.  Clay says that sometimes he just doesn’t understand Dayana.  Clay decides to give Lisa a pass and brings Penn and Dayana back into the boardroom.

… Clay defends his decision to bring back Dayana because of her overall performance, not because of this particular task.

You can find the entire article at NJ.COM

Hollywood Life – Penn and Dayana Gang Up Against Clay

By Andy Swift

… This left Clay Aiken‘s team behind, and oh boy, did things get awkward. While the team tried to unite under the almighty c-word — I’m of course talking about “consensus” — it didn’t take long for a mini fight to ensue between Clay and Dayana Mendoza. Apparently she had pitched quite a few good ideas during the task, but Clay admitted he “didn’t understand” what she was saying. He followed that up by calling her “aloof.”

… He’s a scrappy one, that Clay.

HollywoodLife is the link to the short article


Buddy TVSelling Success by Trump

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

… On the other team, Penn is very assertive in what he thinks their vision should be. It’s funny he’s so vocal since he practically made Clay be the project manager because this was what he knows and what he’s good at.

… in the end, it’s all about what the execs want for their product, but here’s my own two cents. Aubrey’s entire display is black and gray with some purple silhouette — hardly anything that sticks out. In fact, it’s depressing. Clay’s, meanwhile, has that giant, beautiful picture — complete with the male model wearing a red tie — that from 50 feet away you can see and want to come closer to look at it.

… I’m glad Clay brought up the fact that he only took the task because Penn wanted him to. Because even after turning the task over to Clay, Penn took control of everything — essentially, he acted as the project manager.

… I think the fact that Clay’s been able to balance both leading and also getting everyone’s feedback is what makes him so likable…

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A.V.Club – Winning By A Nose

By Margaret Eby

… On The Celebrity Apprentice, we’re invited to ponder the big questions. How do you lead a team of ego-driven television performers? Who’s more responsible when a project fails, the person who had a bad idea or the person who approved that bad idea? What is Aubrey O’Day’s hair made of? And, on this week’s installment, what does Donald Trump smell like?

… Though Penn isn’t showboating, he’s not particularly modest, either. “I’m smart; I do things right,” he insists. Clay goes with Penn’s vision of a display that features Dayana nestled into the chest of an anonymous tie-wearing businessman, complete with the slogan, “You earned it.” Clay moves forward with the concept, but he’s a bit jittery about the whole thing.

… Clay excuses Lisa from the boardroom, which leaves him with Penn and Dayana, there for the sixth time this season. I understand his dilemma. Penn legitimately was responsible for the part of the display that lost them the game, and Lisa didn’t do anything wrong. He brought in Dayana because she’s the least productive group member, even though she contributed greatly to this challenge.

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 ACE SHOWBIZ – Penn Jillette Gets Fired for Weak Slogan

Aubrey O’Day was chosen as the project manager for team Unanimous, while Clay Aiken was team Forte’s project manager. It was the second time they went head to head as opposing team leaders. 

… Mr. Trump asked Clay whom he would bring back to the Boardroom, and the singer saved Lisa Lampanelli.

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REALITY WANTED – Episode 10 recap

by Todd Betzold

… Team Forte meets and Penn comes up with an idea for the task, which Clay questions on why he didn’t step up and be project manager.

… Penn comes up with “You Earned It” and they seem to like it, but Clay is hesitant to use the first idea they come up with. Penn then comes up with an idea for the display and Clay thinks he just comes up with the idea and then drills it home until they use it.

… Time for the boardroom: Clay said they were all very good and Lisa said that Clay is one of the best project managers that she has worked for and that Dayana was phenomenal.

… I think Clay is going to win it all…him or Lisa (and that may be the battle in the finale…what do you all think)?

Click on REALITYWANTED for all the scoop.

NBC/Celebrity Apprentice –Clay’s Blog

Always Trust Your End Stinks

By Clay Aiken

… Before you jump on me… It is a game. I lost my last one. I have no desire to lose this one too!

No more…you need to read every word that Clay wrote.  I think this task was a difficult one for Clay and I have the feeling he is glad it is over.

You can read Clay’s Blog at CLAYSBLOG

There are at least 15 more articles out there already, but this should start out your day with some reading.  To me, the reviews I listed had more Clay info than the others…that is why I picked them.

I will post some more Monday around noon.  Hopefully, we will get some more great Clay Aiken mentions.

What did you think of Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice?  Did the right person go home?



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