Clay Aiken – An Established Career


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There is a new article about Clay Aiken that is a fun read.  It is found on a site called ASX. I always like to read positive articles about Clay!!

Clay Aiken has moved well beyond being runner-up on ‘American Idol’

by Brittany Frederick

Clay Aiken isn’t labeled as “the guy who came in second in season two of ‘American Idol'” anymore. That was more than a decade ago, and the singer from North Carolina has established a career far past the singing competition – even branching out into reality TV and politics, yet still with that singing voice so many people love to hear.

Aiken was just 25 when he lost out to Ruben Studdard for the “Idol” title, but now he’s a 35-year-old recording artist, philanthropist, and entertainment personality. Following the announcement of Studdard’s victory, Aiken so won over America that RCA Records offered him a recording contract as well, and his debut album Measure of a Man – featuring the hit single “Invisible” and released just months after the “Idol” finale – went multi-platinum. He went on to overtake Studdard as the best-selling star from the second season and in 2010, he was ranked as one of the top 10 post-competition earners in “American Idol” history in an Associated Press article….

The entire article is very positive and includes Clay’s video of The Way.  I hope you will give the site some hits and read the entire article. You can reach it at BFREDERICK




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