Clay Aiken – An Exciting Time!



What an exciting time…The Olympics are always an exciting time.  I hope to watch a lot of the athletes.  My favorites are swimming, diving, water polo, and gymnastics.

I am a bit disappointed in the broadcast by NBC.  While watching the beautiful Opening Ceremony, the commercials seemed to take more time than the event.  And, I do understand that “Prime Time” brings in money, but not seeing the ceremony live is just not right.  My grandkids loved it until it got too late and they had to go to bed.  And, they were learning so much too.  Such a shame!!

From the latest tweet from Clay Aiken, he is watching the Olympics too.  He tweeted:

Pray tell, what is the point of the other than to constantly freeze and force me to restart and watch a commercial?

I guess he is not too happy with NBC either!!

Are you watching the Olympics?  What are your favorite Olympics sports to watch?


Clay tweeted an interesting tweet on Thursday.  He tweeted:

Brilliantly done. I’m a new fan of ! –

According to his twitter page, Justin is:

Magician/Comedian fella from Comedy Central, Conan, Ellen, and the Tonight Show. Watch my comedy+magic special

I thought you might be interested in the YouTube that Justin posted on July 29th.


I hope we hear more from Clay today.

Maybe he will let us know what he likes to see at the Olympics!


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