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On Wednesday, The National Inclusion Project announced the final totals for Wrapping For Inclusion – 2012.

Arizona: $359
California: $3,402
Illinois: $9,703.80
Michigan: $375.93
New Jersey: $4,609.44
New York: $586
North Carolina: $8,574.78
Ohio: $264.35
Oregon: $625
Pennsylvania: $115
Rhode Island: $517
Virginia: $232.70
Washington: $472.10

GRAND TOTAL = $30,180.10

Aron Hall, the Director of Programs for The National Inclusion Project said that he was thrilled with the totals that ended up being a 30% increase from last year.

Wrapping For Inclusion is a nationwide awareness and fundraiser campaign for the National Inclusion Project.  The program helps raise awareness and support for the National Inclusion Project and, hopefully is a time to enjoy the holidays and have fun.

Let’s all plan ahead and see if we can set up more sites next December.  Maybe we can increase the total even more next year!  If you want to know more about Wrapping For Inclusion, visit the Project’s webpage at NATIONALINCLUSIONPROJECT

Includingkids is the twitter name for The National Inclusion Project.  On Wednesday, there were two new tweets from the project.

Nat’l Incl Project @includingkids
Help our partner RT @FrazerCenter: close to Top 10 for @MilnerInc’s $20K for our #inclusive Center! Pls vote!


This is an easy thing to do….we can vote for this partner and help them raise some much needed funds.

The second tweet from Includingkids is:

Nat’l Incl Project @includingkids
Smiling thru our tears here at the Project Office :’) So inspiring! @SIKids


Be sure and take a minute to watch this inspiring video….but be sure and have a tissue handy!

Just one more reminder:  Don’t forget to order your Inclusion-grams for Valentine’s Day.  According to the National Inclusion Project’s webpage:

Inclusion-grams are Valentine’s Day cards made from construction paper and a child’s creativity. They include information about the National Inclusion Project, as well as who sent the Inclusion-gram and why.

To order an Inclusion-gram, visit the Project’s webpage.  This is a project that allows kids to use their creativity and the Project to raise some funds….a win-win Valentine!

I can’t imagine not including a few pictures of Clay Aiken, one of the co-founders of The National Inclusion Project.  It just would not be CANN without some pictures!!

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