Clay Aiken – All The Interesting People!

A surprise tweet mentioning Clay Aiken was posted on Thursday.

Michael Pesca Retweeted Ben Mathis

Great fun Ben,tomorrow you et al will be on

It’s always fun to see tweets, but sometimes I need to look up who everyone is!!!

Michael Pesca: is currently the host of Slate’s daily podcast ‘The Gist’. Prior to joining the Slate staff, Pesca served as a National Desk correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR).

Ben Mathis: is a  Hollywood producer and media strategist. His podcast is KickAss Politics which according to his website : “brings together some of the most interesting people from Hollywood and Washington to delve into the really big ideas that make this country great.”

James Carville: is a political commntator in the Democratic Party. This media personality gained national attention for his work as the lead strategist of the successful presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

Michael Steele: is a MSNBC political analyst. He was  the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Michelle Bachman:  is a former member of the United States House of Representatives.  She is a  supporter of the Tea Party.

Gist: is a daily afternoon news and culture show. You can subscribe to this Slate podcast in iTunes.

All this from one short tweet!  However, I am excited that Clay will be on-air with these interesting people.  I would not be surprised if they met at Politicon.

I hope we can find it on iTunes and hear the podcast.

Just a quick message.  There is someone who is trying to take over our twitter account.  They are using our picture and banner. I am sure they are professional spammers as they signed up with over 183 followers.   I noticed a couple of names I know and I am  concerned that they might get your info and spam you too! We have contacted Twitter and hope to have it removed ASAP.  It is called Clay Aiken News @clayovkd.

There was a lot of twitter spamming about Clay on Thursday.  Who has the time to do this stuff???

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