Clay Aiken – Catching Up

I received a couple of e-mails from readers yesterday.  They did not recognize some of the pictures that I posted on Sunday.  They requested more about the pictures..Well, OK

This picture was taken at a National Inclusion Project Gala.  Yes, Clay has a bust of himself in his hands.  He was not hiding it, but it was being auctioned off as part of the fund-raiser for the night.  The bust was first seen on Jimmy Kimmel.  It was a gift to Clay from his friend Jimmy after it was used in the opening for the show.


Photoshopped at its worse…Again, this is a picture that was originally from a skit on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  Do you remember when Clay visited Kimmel and talked about Dancing With The Stars..It was only promo for Jimmy, but Clay played along.  He wore fake facial hair that actually started to come off in the skit.  It was a cute skit so it was picked up by most of the entertainment shows.  The Insider showed this photoshopped picture as they talked about the skit.  At least that is how I remember it!!


Congratulations to Scotty McCreery.  His new album reached the #1 position on the Billboard Top 100 List for last week.  The album, titled Clear As Day sold 198,500 copies.  According to the entertainment site, Scotty is the first WINNER since Ruben that had their debut album reach the #1 position.

This made me wonder about the successful Idol alums and how their first week numbers were for their albums.  This is what I found:

1. CLAY AIKEN, Measure of a Man: 612,859 (#1)
*Season 2: 2nd place
2. RUBEN STUDDARD, Soulful: 416,589 (#1)
*Season 2: Winner
3. CARRIE UNDERWOOD, Some Hearts: 314,549 (#2)
*Season 4: Winner
4. CHRIS DAUGHTRY, Daughtry: 303,677 (#2)
*Season 5: 4th place
5. TAYLOR HICKS, Taylor Hicks: 298,199 (#2)
*Season 5: Winner
6. KELLY CLARKSON, Thankful: 297,381 (#1)
*Season 1: Winner
7. DAVID COOK, David Cook: 279,578 (#3)
*Season 7: Winner
8. FANTASIA BARRINO, Free Yourself: 240,278 (#8)
*Season 3: Winner
9. BO BICE, The Real Thing: 226,976 (#4)
*Season 5: 2nd place
10. JENNIFER HUDSON, Jennifer Hudson: 217,185 (#2)
*Season 3: 7th place


I watched Dancing With The Stars last night.  I really don’t want to say much except…Clay Aiken is so wonderfully talented.  How wonderful that he found the talented Ben Cohn to write such beautiful arrangements.

Take a minute and watch this beautiful video by SueReu.  I know I have posted it before, but it really shows off the talent of Clay, Ben and Jennifer Grey and her partners.  You will just have to smile!!



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