Clay Aiken – Keeping Warm or Fashion Forward?

On Friday, January 9th, Clay Aiken posted a fun tweet along with a great picture:

Going to the movies in our suits! No shame in our comfort game!!

Now, I have read that the weather in Raleigh has been rather chilly so I hope this outfit keeps these two warm.

Have you seen these onepiece suits before?  I just had to find out more about them!!

I found the following in the Kent and Sussex Courier: Onesie phenomenon now sweeping all before it

The onesie was created by three Norwegian men in their late 20s, Thomas Adams, Henrik Norstrud and Knut Gresvig, who sewed their sweatpants to their hoodies for lounging at home. They now sell for as much as £159 each

17 per cent of Brits bought a onesie last year, it is claimed

According to the Daily Mail:

Chances are you gave or received one this Christmas. If not, you’ll certainly have spotted someone in one. The ‘onesie’ – a kind of adult romper suit consisting of a joined together tracksuit top and trousers – has become the fashion phenomenon of the year.

Remember the ‘slanket’, that cosy blanket with sleeves you could  snuggle under on the sofa? The  onesie gives you that feeling, even when you’re out and about.

Wearing one has been likened to ‘being inside a teddy bear’s womb’ and, despite its unflattering look, the onesie has become a global phenomenon…

…Today, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of their onesies – which range in price from £99 to £159 – around the world, with celebrity fans as diverse as Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Louis Walsh, Tom Daley and Justin Bieber. High profile female onesie lovers include Rihanna, Holly Willoughby, Cheryl Cole, Heidi Klum and Kate Moss.

I guess they can add Clay Aiken to the list of “onesie lovers”.

Maybe this is one time I am glad I live in sunny California!  

The more important question…what movie did they see and was it good?

When was the last time you watched this great video of Clay singing…


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