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Clay Aiken – A Familiar Face in Randolph County

On Thursday, July 17, Clay Aiken visited Randolph County, North Carolina. He spent most of the day in Asheboro, the county seat.

Clay even took some of his famous “selfies” when he was at the democratic headquarters.

Clay visited the new democratic headquarters. Some local visitors stopped by to meet and chat with him. At lunchtime, Clay, Ebonie, and some of the workers at the headquarters walked down the street to Magnolia 23. This restaurant is known for its fresh, home-grown food and specializes in southern food.

After lunch, Clay had the opportunity to talk with reporters from the local newspaper. Then, he headed over to Randolph Hospital for a visit. It sounds like Clay had a busy but fun day in Randolph County.


While in Asheboro, Clay met with J.D. Walker from The Courier-Tribune.  Walker published the following interview:

The Courier-Tribune: Aiken is back in Randolph County in full campaign mode 

Congressional District 2 candidate Clay Aiken is becoming a familiar face in Randolph County with another visit to Asheboro’s downtown area and the Randolph County Democratic Headquarters on Church Street Thursday.

Aiken is the Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers whom he will face in the Nov. 5 General Election. Aiken beat Asheboro businessman Keith Crisco, now deceased, for the Democratic slot in a narrow May 6 primary that resulted in a recount.

Aiken said in an interview Thursday that he is more comfortable now that the primary has passed. He said during the primary he always tried to be respectful of Crisco when he came to Crisco’s hometown. He said he felt Crisco took the same approach toward him when campaigning in Wake County.

Aiken said primaries have a way of pitting people against one another who don’t always have a difference of opinion on the issues – just different strategies on how to approach problems. Now that the primary is over, he is free to focus his attention on the differences he can offer voters over Ellmers.

Aiken said it is no secret that Ellmers is vulnerable. He said people tell him frequently that she has not been visible in her own district. Aiken said that should have been her main concern during the last four years she has been in office. Instead, he said, she has been focused on courting the Republican leadership in Washington for her own benefit.

“I don’t agree with (Rep.) Howard Coble on a lot of things, but he had the needs of his district in mind while he was in Washington,” he said. “With over 30 years in office, Howard could have been more involved with leadership. But he knew that his job was to work for his district. Why doesn’t Renee know that?”

Coble represented Randolph County in District 6 until after redistricting in 2000. At that time, district lines were redrawn, putting Randolph County in District 2. Some contend the lines were drawn to benefit Ellmers and others like her, to ensure she could be re-elected.

“That’s not right when either party does it,” Aiken said. “No district should be drawn safely. That’s not representative democracy.”…

… As he talks with voters about these and other issues, Aiken said he is asking people two things. First, what has Ellmers done for you in the four years she has been in office? Then he asks voters to give him a chance.

“If, in 2016, I have not done any more for you than she has done in four years, vote me out,” he said.

This is an excellent article that covers many topics.  I hope you will read the entire article.  Clay covers immigration, the Affordable Care Act, and jobs.  You can read the full interview at COURIERTRIBUNE

I enjoy reading about Clay’s visits to the many communities in the 2nd district. I do believe that when Clay has the opportunity to meet people and chat with them, they will want to support him.  He is knowledgable, articulate and hard-working…and when you talk to him, he looks right at you and listens to every word.  These are all important assets.

I also enjoy learning more about North Carolina.  Did you know that Randolph County is home to the natural habitat North Carolina Zoo, the Uwharrie National Forest, and the Richard Petty Museum?  It is also home to the Seagrove potteries which enjoy an international reputation for exceptional hand-thrown pottery.  All of this added to the wonderful food at Magnolia 23 makes me want to spend some time in Randolph County.

As always, I will post important news of Clay and his campaign when it becomes available.  

Please check for any up-dates!


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