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It is 11:30PM, Sunday night.    This post will be a list of  links to articles  available about the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  Pretty?  Lots of Graphics?  NO…It is late and the info needs to be out there.  I hope it will make your morning a bit easier.

This was a great episode for Clay Aiken.  He was an integral part of the team and  got a ton of face time on the show. We saw Clay, the fighter, the teacher, the friend, and mediator.  What an exciting show.

The following is a list of the different articles that are already up on the Internet about the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  I will update the post tomorrow if there are many other links. – Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: Nobody puts Lou Ferrigno in the corner!  The following are some quotes about Clay.

….The guys, however, surprised me by supporting Lou. And a few of guys, notably Clay Aiken, turned on Penn Jillette, who has been a standout player so far. Or maybe that’s precisely why they turned on him. The upshot: Some of the guys feel that Penn is condescending and negative….Clay feels that Penn approaches each task like he’s preparing his defense in the boardroom, and Dee believe that Penn seems to be overthinking things. Finally Clay says it aloud: Some people seem to be setting Lou up to fail by shooting down every idea, and accused Penn of being condescending. Penn apologizes but appears to be rattled….Later, Penn tells Clay that he was hurt because people have often condescended to him. Clay says that Penn always wants to be the boss. This conversation goes nowhere, but I’m guessing it will be continued in the boardroom…. At the video shoot, Lou is having troubles with his lines, particularly with pronouncing “dirt” because of his hearing impediment, but Clay coaches him….

There is lots more and I recommend this article.  On a quick read, it seems to be fair and objective.  You can see the entire article at NJCOM

A.V.CLUB is a site that has an article about Celebrity Apprentice.    The following is from their article:

….The task they signed up to direct was one of the more confusingly introduced challenges on Celebrity Apprentice to date. Trump brings the teams to the New York Public Library to admire the floors as a segue into the challenge sponsor, O-Cedar mops. Gotta keep those historic floors clean somehow! Both teams have to figure out a way to make a viral video for the new pro-mist spray mop that incorporates a new marketing theme….Clay Aiken has been lying in wait for a while, silently disapproving of things, but this episode was the first one where he spoke out, stewing at Penn’s criticisms until he looked like an enraged leprechaun, and then accusing Penn of “setting Lou up to fail.”…

This one is not kind to Clay Aiken.  I think he has pre-conceived ideas and probably never even watched the show.  However, it is out there and you can read it at AVCLUB

ZAP 2 IT was one of the first to post an article on Sunday night.  The article is titled:  Celebrity Apprentice:  Tia Carrere’s number is up.

There is very little about Clay, but it is a fair article.  Click on ZAP2IT to read the entire article.

Reality TV Magazine has an interesting article about the O’Cedar Mop episode.  Veronica Dudo, the write of this article had is to say about Clay:

….Clay confronts Penn at the table and says if Penn doesn’t like an idea could he instead suggest one. Arsenio and Clay work to try and help Lou since there is some animosity on the men’s team. Eventually, they decide to feature Lou dancing while mopping the flooring–the opposite of what people would think of when they look at him. His tag-line is, “I’m going to mop the floor with you.”….

You can read the entire article at REALITYTV

Buddy TV has a nice article about the show.  It is realistic and positive.  I like the following that they wrote about Clay and the men’s team:

But before any of that happens, the men are gathered around brainstorming, and all Penn can do is shoot down idea after idea. When all of these disagreements and fights happen, I wonder how much creative editing is done. With Penn, he does come off as condescending, as Clay tells him later, and as someone who wants to see Lou fail. And it’s really cute to see Arsenio and Clay really help him because they genuinely want to see him succeed. 

Thanks to Esther Gim, the Contributing Writer of this article.  She gets it!!  The following is the link for this article:  BUDDY

From London, England, comes an article from the Daily Mail.   IONA KIRBY, the author of this article writes the following:

However it wasn’t all smooth sailing as the boys quickly clashed and it was Clay Aiken who stood up to the rest of the team, particularly Penn Jillette, as he said: ‘I feel like there are people in this room who are setting Lou up to fail.’

The pair later sat down to try and hash it out after their argument.

….Penn said: ‘People have always dealt with me in a slightly condescending way. I have never felt more set up in my life and I’m very worried about it.’…Clay told the cameras: ‘I never dislike anyone but with Penn when I try to find a silver lining I can’t.….They tried to resolve their issues but their differences were too great and their conversation went nowhere….

This is an article that doesn’t seem to take sides and is a good read.  You can read the entire article at DAILYMAIL

Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride is one of my favorite articles so far.   I know nothing about the blog, but I do like what he says about Clay and his role on the show:

Audrey O’Day: “I am not stepping up to be project manager because this brand has been around a hundred years, just like Tia.”  She is really a shitty person, isn’t she? Presumably she went on this show for exposure but she is just being exposed as vapid self-absorbed. “I might be permanently deaf in this ear from Dayana’s bad ideas.” “Tia refuses to use me and I want to sock her in the face.” She needs to sock whoever advised her to go on this show because it has elevated her from barely known singer to widely known pain in the ass.

….“If it is not Penn’s idea all he wants to do is point out negatives.” – Clay. He got very frustrated and voiced his worry that some people in the room (meaning Penn) were trying to set Lou up to fail, and of course that would take the team with him. I have not always been very complimentary to Clay Aiken in the pastbut he has impressed me on this show so far with his professionalism and dedication. “You don’t have a way but you have a hundred this-is-not-the-ways.”Once Clay got the team back on track they took Lou’s idea and made something good out of it. (But we’ll see what happens in the execution later.) Penn took Clay’s challenge really badly and sulked. He even said that working with people he didn’t choose was a bad idea. Who would expect Clay Aiken to challenge Penn Jillette and win?

….Clay tried to work things out with Penn, but Penn was still sulking and took it personally and believed that Clay didn’t like him. “I have never felt more set up.” I like the guy, have a ton of respect for h is intelligence, and love his stage act, but he is acting like a two-year old. Clay spoke, Penn sulked. “I don’t feel like there is any solution to this at all,” Clay said.

In the boardroom Paul, Dee, Arsenio, and Clay all praised Lou. If it was honest, they all loved him.

If he loses, who does Lou bring back? Paul and Penn. “He is a bull in a china closet with a superior attitude.” I think of the three Paul will clearly survive. I think he picked Paul only because he realized that Paul was the only other one to be criticized. Penn he picked for not being a team player. Clay backed him up “Penn has admitted that he doesn’t like not being in charge. If it is not his decision he will disengage. He has a tendency to become condescending.” Dee said he was a “fact checker” and “there seemed to be an emotional disconnect.”

Penn: “I believe I did some writing and some typing.” Not a great defense.

Aresnio: “I was proud of the man [Clay]. He stepped to [Penn}.”

The following is the link to this “must read” article.  MR.BLOG

Carter has another good article.  the following is what he says about Clay, the men and Aubrey…

However, Lou’s performance did not mean that some of his fellow team members were going to avoid going for the jugular — in particular, Clay Aiken had to step in to stop a rather harsh and condescending Penn Jillette from setting himself up to do well in the boardroom by preparing to throw Lou under the bus. While we supported Clay at first with this, we actually thought he was a little condescending to Penn later by more or less laughing in his face when the man tried to explain why he operates the way he does.

First, we have to say that Aubrey pretty much made us barf by saying that she wants to be a part of Donald Trump’s family, and then she made up barf again by listening to her talk about how arrogant she is. Can we just fire her instead? She’s certainly effective, but she’s also insufferable.

You can visit Carter at  CARTER

ACE ShowBiz has a short article about the show.. You can read it at ACE

E-Online also has a short article about the show.  You can see it at E-ONLINE

I am sure there will be many more article by the time I get up tomorrow…however, I hope this list helps you enjoy the show and at least you can find the links in one place.

Clay’s Blog for NBC is now up.  You can read it at. CABLOG


I will add more on Monday…maybe I can add some Clay tweets to the page.

What did you think of the show?  Did you think Clay was fair in what he said to Penn?



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