Clay Aiken Learns The Art of Puppetry

For people who are fans of Clay Aiken, the end of the week means more previews of the upcoming episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  The NBC/Celebrity Apprentice Internet site provides many videos, articles and pictures about each unique episode.

Episode 9 will be broadcast on Sunday, April 15th at 9:00pm.  Titled Puppet – Up, the show will feature the exciting puppet troupe from the Jim Henson Company. Their show is now called Stuffed and Unstrung – Henson Alternative.  The celebrities will create original puppets and perform with them at a live performance.  Now, that sounds like fun!

I was interested in finding out more about Stuffed and Unstrung and I though I would share some information with you.

Puppet Up is a show that was started to demonstrate what happens when you combine traditional improvisation with the art of puppetry. The group debuted in 2006 and was called Jim Henson’s Puppet Improv. It is now called Stuffed and Unstrung.

According to Muppet Wiki:

Award-winning director and producer Brian Henson created the show with improvisational guru Patrick Bristow, who hosts it. It features a cast of six puppeteers who engage in improv games with input from the audience. The puppet action is projected on large screens flanking the stage while the puppeteers display their talents below, all in full view of the audience.

The show, which is accompanied with music, is unpredictable and irreverent. It’s never the same show twice because it’s built from storylines that start with prompts from the audience.

Brian Henson is chairman of the Jim Henson Company and the Henson Alternative is the company’s label for content created specifically and exclusively for adult audiences.

From what I have read, Stuffed & Unstrung honors Jim Henson’s achievement and if you like to laugh you will enjoy the show.  For more information, visit their Internet site.  Click on STUFFED

In his chat Wednesday night, Clay Aiken said that this episode was his favorite of the entire season.  I can’t wait to see Clay working with the puppets.  I bet he will be very entertaining.

The wonderful Cotton from CV provided the screen-caps from the video preview.  Thank you!


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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Learns The Art of Puppetry

  1. Whew! That's going to be a mess on Monday morning…heck, the preview is a mess! LOL Looks like Clay handles himself well (as usual)….very tactful and I love that! Can't wait for his blog on Monday to see what he has to say! Always a huge treat!!! 😀

  2. looking forward to Sunday's episode, really enjoying all the shows on celeb apprentice, especially with Clay starring in them, he's great as usual, way to go Clay. Thanks musicfan, you do a great job of posting!

  3. I can't wait to see Clay with the puppets. I bet he is really good!
    Musicfan…thanks for the info on the Puppet Group. I always learn something when I visit here.

  4. Looking forward to Sunday's episode. Clay will be great with the puppets. I'll have my mute button handy for Lisa & Aubrey. 😉

  5. Looking forward to this Sunday's episode of Puppet – Up. Clay would really love this challenge!

  6. I am excited to see this week's show. It looks very entertaining. In watching the preview and the information you posted on the Puppet Group, it demonstrates that this type of entertainment is much more complicated than one might think. I am looking forward to watching how it is all done.
    Thanks so much for all the information.

  7. I did buy one of Clay’s “Steadfast” CDs but I haven’t even opened it. I think it was a mistake to retread those same songs with just one new song. I doubt he sells very many.

  8. I can't wait to see Clay working with the Puppets. From the pictures I have seen with Clay and the Puppets, it looks like he is having a blast. The parts with Lisa and Aubrey I will just mute. LOL!!!

  9. Again, fascinating background info, musicfan! Thank you so much!!!

    I love improv theater, and muppets too. Can't wait to see the show tonight and what Clay and Arsenio are gonna come up with…

    (P.S. Love Bring Back My Love — fabulous song, he sang it at gala — and all songs on Steadfast; I love the ones it shares w/T&T, esp. UM, It's Only MB, Crying, Misty, and Moon River, but T&T has different ones too, like Suspicious Minds and Mack the Knife, GREAT — one he did in concert and one on AI2 — can't get enough of em! That Voice has made some songs my faves that I didn't even like before, ROTFL!)

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