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The preliminary rounds of auditions for American Idol, Season 9, will be different from the past seasons.  Because of the departure of Paula Abdul, the producers of American Idol have opted for having celebrity judges at the judges table.

The list of guest judges is excellent.  They include Tony Award winner, Kristin Chenoweth and this years Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris.  Other announced judges are Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry and Shania Twain. Each one of these guest judges is active in the entertainment industry at this time and should be able to add some suggestions and advice to the contestants.

The guest judges will join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi at the judges table.  Ryan Seacrest will still be hosting the show.

Although the guest judges are all highly qualified, many people believe that Paula Abdul will be missed on the show.  Although she has always been a bit “flighty”, she played an important role in the 8 years of American Idol.

What do you think?  Do you think the celebrity judges will be good?  Will Paula be missed?  Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Yes, I think Paula will be missed. Probably more than people think. She was the judge that always gave the contestants the courage to continue to try to achieve their goals. She soften the hurting, stabbing, bordering on abuse remarks of Simon Cowell. She kept many contestants from crying in front of millions fo viewers. Randy Jackson gives his opinions,but is the not protective of the individual, Paula is. Even if she agreed someone was awful, she let them down gently. That's what made the show work.These kids are not professional entertainers, (except Adam Lambert) all of this is new to them. Its one thing to give contructive criticisn vs distructive criticism.Without her the show could border on abusive behavior if they are not careful.

  2. I haven't watched the show in 4 years so it really doesn't make any difference to me who they have on. The whole thing is contrived and boring now. Sorry, I enjoyed it more when the contestants were wide eyed and innocent trying to get their big break.


  3. Having only watched a few shows each year since 2003, since it was the best, I still like to keep up a bit on what's happening. I do think Paula will be missed, good luck to her at her new job.
    In 2003 my idol was found, so game over! Clay Aiken all the way 🙂

  4. I think Paula will be missed. She gave the show soul, believe it or not. Of course people like guest judges and that will be fun.

  5. I stopped watching the show after Season 4 because the show lost what it started out to be, so anything I've heard since then has been via the internet. From when I did watch it, I do think Paula was an integral part of the show. She may have had her 'moments', but she gave the judging some balance. I think if the show wants to have Celebrity Judges it's fine, but I do think Paula will be missed.

    Actually I think this whole show has run its course. It certainly isn't about finding undiscovered talent any longer and hasn't been for a long tim.e

  6. Hi, I commented a bit ago, but it went elsewhere I guess.
    Since 2003, I haven't watched a whole season, but I do think Paula will be missed.
    Best wishes to her on her new job, where she may be appreciated more 🙂

    Thanks for the update, I didn't know about the guest judges to be used.

  7. I still watch the show, more to check out any potential competition for Clay than any other reason. Haven't found any yet. I think the loss of Paula is big. Her kindness was a much needed element to balance Simon's brutality. However, I lDO look forward to seeing the new judges. It may add a spark back to the show. (I don't think any one of them will be as great a judge as Clay would be….not that I'm prejudiced or anything…..)

  8. I believe that Paula leaving the show is kind of the end of an era and I truly do believe it WILL hurt the show. Ratings have been going down year over year, so Season 9 should be an interesting one.

  9. Paula leaving certainly changes the dynamic of the show. I sorta liked the interaction between the original three. Kara I can totally do without.Personally, after the way the show "picks the winner" with all of their pimping I do believe the public is losing interest. Season 8 proved exactly what is wrong with the show. I certainly am not going to watch again.

  10. Ever since AI has had professionals as contestants I don't watch it any longer. But I do think people will miss Paula. They certainly have never, so far, come up with a contestant even close to Clay's abilities as a vocalist and all around entertainer so personally I don;t care what they do.

  11. Paula leaving the show does change the dynamics. Not sure that is going to work for them. I liked Kara at first, but got really tired of her by the end of the show. I do enjoy guest judges though.

  12. Unlike many others posting here, I do watch the show faithfully. I love seeing the new talent and usually find someone to root for. I.will.not. miss the annoyance of the Pauler/Simon antics. This past season, Randy would say dawg! and then Kara would do an annoying monologue and then the Pauler/Simon routine would start. It was like second grade revisited and the mute button became my friend. The show should be about the talent, not the judges.

  13. The show's been steadily going downhill; especially the last few years. I think Paula leaving is a precursor to its demise. The show has lost too much of what brought viewers to it in the first place – untapped, raw talent; the belief that if you had enough talent and made it on the show you too could become a superstar (dreams can come true); it's become too jaded; each year contestants are brought in to fill the same roles – the single mom, the 'rocker' chick, the R&B dude; the belter; the Janis Joplin 'wanna be.' The pimping and the bringing in of 'plants' gets worse every year. The show has simply grown old and stale; and with Paula leaving, it's lost it's heart.

  14. It was reported on our local news that Simon has already said the audition rounds have been different this year and he misses Paula. A certain dynamic for the show will be missing. I didn’t care for the fourth “know it all” judge. I don’t find AI the same show as it was back in season 1 and 2. Too many contestants with previous recording experience and already semi-professional who don’t belong on the show.

  15. I really haven't watched the show since 2003, so it really doesn't matter to me what celebrity judges they have on. I think the show has seen its day..and that is why they are putting different celebrities on to garner new people watching. Good luck to them…because to me…the show has changed dramatically…and they have people who are too experienced on. No more amateur people like before, and that is what made the show.


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