Clay Aiken – 5 Days and Counting

You could hear the buzz all over the internet on Tuesday.  And for Clay Aiken fans, Speculation 101 was the lesson of the day!

On Tuesday morning, pictures turned up of Clay as he arrived at LAX.  Both TMZ and JustJared posted a relaxed Clay as he made his way through the airport.  For fans, seeing  Quiana  as his travel buddy made for more speculation and conversations.  Did Clay travel to LA to perform somewhere?  Will he be on American Idol, or is he there to record for AOL?  Or is it something we don’t know anything about?   Well, hopefully, new information will show up today.

As the fans wait for more facts, it was wonderful to read the newest review on Tried and True by Pink Armchair.   As a employee of the PBS station in Chicago, Pink Armchair was able to hear the Cd and wrote the following about the CD.

Well, I don’t know if it will make anyone feel better, but right now, listening to probably the most gorgeous album my ears have ever been treated to in my entire life (and that’s saying something for someone who is a musician and works for a classical radio station), I seem to be incapable of worrying about Clay or this album. By next week, I hope you’ll all feel the same way.

At this moment, I think I’ve fallen in love with Dave Novik. The VOX is front and center, each of the arrangements helps to tell the story of the song without getting in Clay’s way, and such obvious care and love and passion has gone into this thing — I just can’t feel anything but gratitude that Clay and Decca found each other. That’s the truth, and you know I’m not the mushy type.

I’ve said this before, but I think Decca is looking more toward longevity for this album than a quick splashy blitz. A lot of little viral things as opposed to a week or so of Clay being plastered everywhere in the usual places and then, poof! he’s gone. And I just think an album of this type is marketed very differently than a pop album or a rock album.

No, I’m not worried. I can’t get the grin off my face, as a matter of fact. After seven years, this guy is still killing me dead. More than ever, actually.

ETA: Okay, you want details? All righty.

Unchained Melody, Moon River, and Crying are three of the most exquisite things I’ve ever heard. (The blend with Linda Eder is unreal, and so much emotion! And Vince Gill’s guitar work on Moon River is such an incredible asset to the song.) There’s an undercurrent in Unchained Melody (arranged by Ben Cohn, BTW) that is very poignant because of what the percussionist is doing — I’ll be interested to see if anyone else picks up on it. I don’t want to spoil it by saying what I think it is, but it’s very different.

Every one of these songs has its own distinctive personality and tells its own story, and I think the Billboard reviewer’s description of Clay’s “swagger” is dead on. He just sounds so happy — so comfortable and easy and at home singing these songs. Mack the Knife has such an assurance about it…and such a vicious glee. He sounds like he’s having the time of his life.

Misty and It’s Impossible (two songs I’ve never cared for, till now) are almost hypnotic. The only word to describe It’s Only Make Believe is…cheeky. There’s a Kind of Hush has a real joy behind it. And Clay somehow makes all of these songs sound as if they’re the first time anyone has sung them. And I guess that’s what a great artist does.

There were moments during Clay’s tours when I would suddenly choke up at something he did vocally. My throat would close and I would find myself crying (maybe some of you can relate). That has happened quite a few times while listening to this album. I think a lot of what I feel is happiness for him.

Thank you, Pink Armchair for sharing the excitement with all of us.

Did you have a chance to hear the snippets of the songs on Tried and True that are on the Decca site?  Be sure and click on them.  The quality is the best ever.


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 5 Days and Counting

  1. Love Pink's review of Tried & True. Wonderful review, and I'm sure it is spot on. From others we've heard, they say it is amazing. I went and listened to the Decca snippets, and the quality is so much better than what we had. I know I'm just going to love this CD. Clay's voice has never sounded better…. Love the pics too!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your very interesting review of Tried and True. You are a very lucky person to have listened to his whole CD. I have listened to the snippets on Decca and they are fantabulous! Crying gave me the is so beautiful. I love the upbeat sound of Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You and the dreamy sexy sound of Misty. I know I am going to fall in love with this CD and will have it worn out in no time. I loved the pics of Clay in that white tux. Can we say gorgeous?

  3. Musicfan,

    Thank you for another wonderful, news-filled blog. Pink Armchair's review of 'Tried & True – LIVE!' is amazing and makes me want to be in Chicago on June 12, LOL!

    We are having the same problem getting our new entries to show at Google. I think I have pinged the Carolina blog five times already. *g*

    Have a great week!


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