Clay Aiken – Is It Fall Yet?

Bring out the jackets and rakes and get ready to go apple picking. Enjoy watching the trees as the leaves start to change their color from green to yellow. Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 is the Autumnal Equinox, which marks the first official day of fall.

Today at 11:09 ET, the First Day of fall will start as the sun will be directly on the Equator of the Earth and the hours of day and night will be equal.

The first day of fall marks the start of shorter days and longer nights as well.

So, where ever you are and from whatever country you belong to, if and only if you are in the Northern Hemisphere countries, a very happy first day of fall to you.

I have no idea where Clay Aiken is today, but it has been reported that he has been in New York.  If he is there, I doubt he will realize it is the beginning of fall.  The weatherman predicts that it will be 85 degrees in Manhattan today.  If Clay is home in Raleigh, he will probably think it is still summer as it is supposed to be in the nineties.

It’s a stretch, I know…….but I still hope you will enjoy the following video of “Falling.”

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  1. Happy Fall everyone!!! I love fall, but hate the season that follows…

    I can't help but think of Clay, and if he is in New York, singing "Autumn in New York"….He'd sing that perfectly….Hey…I can dream…. I love everything Clay sings….who am I fooling… I will watch the video after, but I am on the run today….lots of work. I love the picture of the NYC skyline…with Central Park in the foreground…it's beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Fall Picture. I forgot that today was the first day of Fall.

    Cute idea to put the video of "Falling" on the Fall blog!!

  3. Another thing I have in common with Clay Aiken, Fall is my favorite time of year!!!

    Thanks for the great blog, and thanks for using my video 😀

  4. Fall is a great time of year and Sue I love that video! I like Clay singing anything but it's fun when he rocks out a bit so I love that song.

  5. Oh thank you so much for that video…Falling is one of my most favorite songs from OMWH. I just love it. Haven't listened to it for a long time…and that video just makes me want to go play it again. I love Fall also…but, we don't have to look at any snow here in Florida. Thankful for that!

  6. Musicfan,

    Lovely fall photo and, of course, a beautiful montage to mark the new season. SueReu's video of Clay Aiken's "Falling" track from OMWH is a perfect accompaniment for reading your entry.

    Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have a wonderful week!


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