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David Siegel is a musician and songwriter who lives in South Beach, Florida.  He is probably best known for co-writing songs for Enrique Iglesias.  Siegel placed #3 in the Top Ten Songwriters Chart listed in Billboard Magazine’s First Publishers Quarterly Edition issued in May 2009.

Siegel also enjoys performing live in South Beach.  He performs bass in a rock band named Raging Geisha.

In 2003/2004, David collaborated with Iglesias, Steven Morales and Kara Dioguardi to write for Clay Aiken.  David is given credit for co-writing Measure of A Man and The Way. Both of these songs have always been popular with Clay Aiken fans.  They have great lyrics and it always seemed they were songs that Clay enjoyed singing.

Do you remember when the video for The Way was popular on MTV?  Although I was not a fan of MTV, I enjoyed the excitement of seeing the video rise to the top of the list.

When was the last time you watched the video of The Way?  If it’s been a while, you now have the chance to see it again.  ENJOY!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Way

  1. I love that song andI haven't seen that video in a while. Thanks for the memory.
    Didn't Clay look so cute? 🙂

  2. i have always liked that song the way i havent seen the video for it for along time thanks also for the memory and i must say that clay did look cute

  3. I have always loved The Way. Loved watching it again. Clay looks so young and adorable. Thanks for the memory!

  4. Thanks CANN for the video of "The Way"…it's been a long time since I've seen it… I always remember Clay talking about the taping of "The Way" and what he wanted in it…when reading "Learning To Sing". He was so adament about including the heavy guy with the cheerleader… where the production team wanted all beautiful people.. Clay stood his ground and at least won that battle… I've enjoyed watching it again….thanks Musicfan.


  5. "The Way" is a favorite on mine from the Measure of a Man CD. I'll never forget all the horrible videos we had to sit through while waiting to see one of Clay's videos. Clay always was and still is worth waiting for.

  6. The Way is one of my favorite songs. Actually, I never saw the video on MTV. I am sort of glad as I am not a huge fan of MTV!!

    Thanks for posting the video.

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