Clay Aiken – From Idol To Stardom!

This post is coming to you from New York City.  I arrived early Saturday morning and I am getting more and more excited about my visit to the Broadway Backwards Concert.

On checking the computer, it is always wonderful to see even more positive articles and interviews about Clay Aiken and his upcoming concert tour.

Steve Rothaus is a writer for the Miami Herald.  He hosts a section of their website titled gsfla (Gay South Florida). On Friday he published a great article and interview with Clay.

Clay Aiken: Out ‘American Idol’ singing star says life is good as he launches ‘Tried & True’ tour

To his throngs of loyal fans, singing star Clay Aiken can do no wrong.

“My mother doesn’t defend me as much on some days,” says Aiken, who debuts his Tried & True concert tour Thursday at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

For five years after he won international American Idol fame in 2003, fans stood by Aiken as mean-spirited bloggers taunted him as “Gaykin.” Then, weeks after the birth of son Parker in August 2008, Aiken appeared on the cover of People magazine beside a screaming headline, “Yes, I’m Gay.”

Be sure and read the entire article that touches on the Tried and True Tour and the differences in life after coming out.  Don’t forget those important comments.  gsfla

The Miami Beach Arts Trust was founded in 1999 by the City of Miami Beach, with the primary goal of providing awareness and funding for the Arts. In 2002, at the recommendation of the City Manager, the Trust separated from the City and became a stand-alone organization.

One of its greatest accomplishments is the, a biweekly online publication.  Publisher and Miami Beach Arts Trust chair Harvey J. Burstein conceived the idea of an online publication to better serve South Florida’s arts community and arts lovers.

On February 5th, James Cubby wrote an article for this wonderful site about Clay and his tour stop in Miami.

James also included a wonderful biography of Clay’s career.  The writer certainly did his homework.  The following is just an introduction:

Singer Clay Aiken has morphed into quite a musical star since his first audition for American Idol in 2003. Those who watched Aiken’s first audition saw a skinny bespectacled geek but one full of confidence with a tremendous voice present himself to judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. Today Clay Aiken is an American Idol. Although he didn’t win the show, coming in a close second, Aiken, like many other Idol “losers,” has a won a place in the hearts of the American public. With six albums under his belt (his debut album Measure of a Man went multi-platinum), nine tours, a New York Times best-selling book, a stint on Broadway and a string of guest starring roles on shows like Scrubs, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, Aiken is not only an American Idol but a star.

A big Thank you to James Cubby for this wonderful article on Clay.  Please visit his site, read the entire article and thank him by leaving a comment.  Miamiartzine

Be sure and add your song suggestions to Saturdays post.  It’s fun to think about what Clay might sing on Monday night.

I will try and report back about the concert as soon as I can Monday.  I will be attending the reception after the concert so it might be a bit delayed.  But…….it will be there.

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – From Idol To Stardom!

  1. All of Clay's Tried and True fans know that the tour will be a great one just like the all the others. Can't wait for Thursday in Miami.

  2. Great to read such great articles. Tank you for passing them along Musicfan123. As always you do a great job. I hope you have a lot of fun!! 🙂

  3. Great blog! He sure is getting some nice articles written about him lately. How refreshing! It won't be long now till Clay is entertaining us! He never disappoints!!!

    Have a great time at the Broadway Backwards Concert!

  4. I'm so delighted with the latest press on Clay. The writers "get" Clay and are telling it like it is. I think this is a major turn in the road. It's about damn time! Clay has surely earned the right to be respected for both his gorgeous voice and grand interpretive skills but also for his wonderful humanitarian efforts.
    Isn't it lovely that we're now seeing this respect from the press?

  5. Thanks Musicfan for writing while on your travels to NYC. I know you will have an absolutely wonderful time tomorrow nite….
    The articles printed of late, are amazing, and people are finally getting Clay after all these years of him being bullied by the media. It's about time they see the amazing singer, performer, humanitarian that he is, instead of focusing on all the nonsense. It truly has been a treat to read all these wonderful articles….

    Enjoy yourself now…I know you will. Hugs, Judy

  6. hi music fan 123 enjoy the broadway back wards concert im sure clay will do an amazing job singing and thanks for you wrighting while you traveld ta nyc i know youll have an amazing time tomrow night

  7. I am loving all the new interviews with Clay AIken. The interviewers are asking much better questions.
    Looking forward to hearing what Clay sings for Broadway Backwards.

  8. Wish I could go to the NY show – but I am going to his T&T concert in NC. Hid concerts never fail to impress. And he's also funny – very funny. And all around entertainer.

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