Clay Aiken – Happy, But Very Tired

On May 26, 2003,  Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard made their first visit to The Today Show.  Talking with Katie Couric, both singers seemed happy, but very tired.  Clay told Katie that he didn’t even know what day it was as they had been busy since the end of American Idol.

During his interview with Katie, Clay talked about:

  • 130,000 vote difference
  • Seeing Ryan’s card and the “long name” on it
  • The whirlwind press since American Idol
  • The Idol judges and his thoughts and feelings about them
  • Clay’s past as a teacher in Special Education
  • Meeting with Clive Davis and Clay’s new record contract

While discussing some of the possible songs for his new album, Katie asked Clay to sing a bit of Solitaire.  Of course, even with no sleep, Clay sounded wonderful.  Katie also mentioned that her 7-year-old daughter was an original Claymate.

The weather was horrible as a rainstorm hit New York, but there was a huge crowd in the Plaza to see the Clay and Ruben.  Fortunately, they were under a tent to perform.  Because it was Memorial Day Week-end, their song choice was “God Bless The USA.”

There are lots of pictures of this performance and a great video.  Enjoy!!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy, But Very Tired

  1. I don’t know how I missed this show but I did. It was great watching it now and thankyou

    for the video. Clay and Ruben were exciting and fun then and even more so now!!! Who

    would think that they would still be such good friends and still be so funny together. Last

    summers Tour, just proved they were and are the best!!

  2. Loved watching that video again…. Clay and Ruben really harmonize well. They sounded fantastic together. But you know what? I've heard Clay with so many different people, and he just seems to be able to do that with everyone…Yes…he's very good!!!!!!

  3. What fun watching that early interview again!! Loved the memories and the song! What great guys and what a great blog!! Thanks so much for your efforts. I look forward to reading your newsletter each day.

  4. Wow, that is such a great video and I love the photos. Really enjoyed Clay's interview and also the Clay/Ruben interaction. Especially now, since I'm no longer upset that Ruben has the AI 2 title. Their Tried and True tour has obviously softened me up. Now I'm only disappointed. Plus Clay looked so happy – no matter what the results were. Loved the God Bless the USA duet. Felt like I was witnessing everything for the first time and it was just now the beginning of a great adventure for Clay.
    Fast forward to the present. Clay certainly has put on many magnificent shows, along with his recordings of wonderful albums during the past eight years. He continues to amaze with his many talents. Love being a Clay Aiken fan.

  5. I just loved seeing that video of Clay and Ruben on the Today Show. I was very impressed with Katie's interview with Clay. She mentioned that her 7 year old daughter was a Claymate…but, I know that Katie was a Claymate too. I enjoy Clay and Ruben singing together..they harmonize so well.

    Now it is 9 years later and Clay is still thrilling me. He has put out many great albums and has a wonderful career. Can't wait for what is next. That is why I am a Fan of Clay Aiken.

  6. It was great seeing that appearance again. We are so lucky to have video of just about everything Clay's every done in his career. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I had never watched this…so THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!! (I had cancer that summer…so I was really not keeping up with Clay . This ALL changed when the AI Christmas show was on TV…and my grandson told me it was coming up next. Well…after seeing Clay on that show…one can say, "The rest is history…..!!!!" Here yesterday…here today…and here tomorrow!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for posting this. I never saw it before. How different Clay looks! He has certainly matured into a very handsome young man. So glad we were fans from the very begining of his time on AI. How far he has come, and all that he has achieved is amazing!

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