Clay Aiken – Emergence To The Stage

Making An Entrancecommonly refers to entrances that are particularly prominent or attention-grabbing.

Certainly, Clay Aiken knows how to make an entrance.  Whether it is an entrance to the stage on a TV show, the entrance from the back of the arena as he opened the show singing Kyrie, or just the stance that was so professionally lit at the beginning of his PBS special, Clay always puts that attention-getting spark into his emergence to the stage!

The following are a few of Clay’s arrivals to the stage.  Which one is your favorite?

#1 American Idol Tour - Raleigh

#2 Tour Entrance from "The Mother Ship"

#3 Today Show - 5-9-08

#4 PBS Special

#5 The View 6-2-10


#6 The View - 5-8-08

#2 Rachel Ray 5-26-08

#7 Rachel Ray 5-26-08


#8 Kimmel - 5-16-08


#9 Tyra Banks - 11-22-06


#10 - Kimmel 2-14-07

#11 Spamalot 2008

#12 Saturday Night Live 2-7-04

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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Emergence To The Stage

  1. I had a hard time deciding! I had to think about the level of my excitement at seeing him, and that was definitely the Mother Ship, followed by Spamalot. I wish he'd be making an entrance into my living room, but oh well. 😀

  2. Goodness, what a hard choice! I had to go with #2 because that's the one that I always remember my heart absolutely pounding before those stairs went up! The others are great, too, and Valentine's Day on Kimmel was sooo memorable. The one I was surprised that wasn't here was Clay's arrival on Kimmel on the HORSE! That one sure caught our attention!! Thanks for all the memories! Great blog, as usual!!

  3. Clay always knows how to make an entrance. I loved the beginning of the PBS special and I lived the way he started the TNT tour with the silhouette. Very cool! 🙂

  4. Oh what fond memories all of the above bring to my mind.I voted for #2 because that was my first live concert of Clay Aiken ever, and I still remember the feeling when that mother ship opened up and Clay emerged <3

  5. I know that a lot of fans raved about #2, The entrance from "Mother Ship". Though I was a fan of Clay since AI2, I was not yet in the loop for a few of his first appearances. So, for the entrances I did view in real time, my favorite is #5, The View (very classy), followed closely by #9, Tyra (so cute). Thanks for asking. I enjoy polls. They do give everyone something to opinionize and in this case, reminisce about.

  6. Wow, they were all great so it was hard to decide. I went with #2. but love
    the Saturday Night entrance as I remember it well.

  7. Too many heart stopping wonderful choices here :-). But since I was third row center for the TnT PBS special taping, I have to choose that. I was totally mesmerized, even more so than all of the other electrifying entrances. He certainly is good at making entrances, I'll agree with that!

  8. I think his entrance for TITN was special for a lot of different reasons, but my personal favorite will always be TYRA. That was a magical hour of TV,

  9. I liked all the entrances…but on the list, I took #2….The Mother Ship….One of my favourite entrances would be Clay singing "Kyrie", and you had no idea where he was coming in from…He also did that on the SRHP Tour in 2007…singing "Here You Come Again"…Same thing…you could hear him sing…but had no idea where he was… Yes…Clay sure does know how to make an entrance!!!!! Love them all.

  10. I voted for #11 (Spamalot) because I was sitting right under that window just a few rows back and I really thought my heart would stop when he came out and when I heard him speak in his wonderful accent. Next would be the PBS special and NAT–the Mother Ship because I was there for them both!!! The first time I ever saw him live was coming out of that Mother Ship and I still remember the goosebumps and the thunderous applause. And the OMG concert–I just thought I'd burst with pride when I saw him stand and turn and come forward and belt out Mack the Knife.

    Cannot wait for Clay Aiken to make another entrance.

  11. the Tyra entrance was and still is my favorite. What a fun poll. Thanks for letting us relive all of Clay's entrances.

  12. I voted #9 – Tyra because he was absolute PERFECTION that day!!!

    But but but but….. no AI5???? THAT was my all time FAVORITE entrance ever ever ever!!!!! Touche Clay Aiken, touche

  13. I love #4 and #2 the best. #2 was exciting, but I picked #4 for the way Clay commanded the stage.

  14. Clay certainly does know how to make an entrance that is for sure!! I voted for the PBS special because I was there and he started with his back turned toward us. But for concerts, the mothership was really exciting, and of course Spamalot just took my breathe away to see him up there speaking in an English accent and being so funny! He always makes a grand entrance on TV shows also!

  15. My heart is always pounding right before Clay makes an entrance, he's just such a thrilling entertainer. I had to pick #4, he was just so in command and his voice was flawless. Hope we don't have to wait too long for the next Clay entrance.

  16. I love them all, BUT the excitement and the buildup to Clay appearing out of the Mother Ship was over the top! I really miss that and feel bad for those who never experienced that live during the time of the Solo Tour. It was just unbelievable!

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