Clay Aiken – Brilliant, Clever, and Resourceful

The more one learns about Clay Aiken, the more you realize that he is brilliant, clever and resourceful…and he has been that way long before he became a household name.

On Wednesday I was doing some research for a friend and I went to YouTube, hoping to find some information.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Somehow it is easy to get lost in YouTube.  It is a font of so much information.  You can stay there for hours!!

I found some videos of Clay Aiken that I had no idea ever existed…I thought I was somewhat up-to-date on Aiken News…but it seems I missed a lot.

Did you know that the shrewd Mr. Aiken contacted the local Raleigh media outlets when he returned from his audition in Atlanta, Georgia?  Clay auditioned in Atlanta on October 22, 2002. Upon the return to his home, he contacted the media to see if anyone was interested in his American Idol journey.  Within a few days, Lynda Loveland visited Clay at his home in Raleigh and recorded an interview.  He related the story of his Atlanta audition and even sang a few lines from Over The Rainbow and Always and Forever.  On November 2nd, about 10 days after Clay arrived home, WRAL broadcast the first video.

WRAL must have gotten a great response to the interview because the station covered Clay throughout his American Idol journey.  The station broadcast at least 7 different videos of Clay on the show…and Lynda Loveland even covered the finale live, in Hollywood.

The following video is loads of fun to see.  The quality is rather bad, but seeing Clay tell his story is exciting.


Fun, isn’t it?  If any of you have any videos of the WRAL shows from 2003, I would love to include them in a CANN blog.  Please e-mail me at

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Brilliant, Clever, and Resourceful

  1. How fun to see those videos. Clay is a very smart man. He's been thinking things through since the beginning.

  2. musicfan, I've never seen that interview either. Didn't he get turned down by some other stations but Linda loved him from the start and the rest is history? I hope there are more interview's to uncover!

  3. Well, well – it appears that Mr. Clay Aiken was a little more into an American Idol status then he let on. I absolutely do agree though, his first PR move was brilliant, just like he made known that his son is. So glad that Linda and WRAL stuck with him throughout, even 'til this day. I know Clay said that if he did become a celebrity, he would use it as a means toward making the world a better place. And yes, he certainly has been doing just that.

    Clay seems to be very goal oriented. Since he loves to sing, and appreciates/relishes positive audience feedback, he'll continue on – in one way or another- indubitably, for sure, etc., etc., etc…..

    Thanks for that elusive video and some new info on Clay's A1 journey. Very interesting indeed!

  4. I do remember seeing this video…but it was a long time ago. That was fun to watch…. What is amazing as well, is that Clay and Linda are still great friends. Doesn't she MC the NIP Gala? and she has done so for years.

  5. @Judy – yes, Linda MCs the Gala and does a terrific job (she's also pretty dang tall LOL!!!!)

    That was fun!!!!! It will be interesting to see if you uncover more of them!

  6. I had not seen this video before and did not know Clay had lots of WRAL support.

    Good for him..very smart!!

    I am so glad that you found this gem. I hope others will surface.

    Thanks for another fun blog!

  7. For a few years there was a special section on the WRAL website just for Clay videos. It wasn't easy to download them from there though, but there were at least 10 I would think. Somebody must have them in a safe somewhere.

  8. Oh how fun to come across this video, I had not seen it before. Clay Aiken was so wonderful even then.

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