Clay Aiken – Fall Into Fall

The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

Lyrics by Johnny Mercer 

Fall…Its here…The first touch of Autumn.  Yes, today is the Autumnal Equinox, meaning that the sun will be directly on the Equator of the Earth and the hours of day and night will be equal.

I know that many of you are still suffering through sweltering temperatures and thinking about fall is the furthest thing from your mind.  Some others are being buried in torrential rains.  But a few of you will feel autumn in the air as the chill tickles your skin.

I love it when you see the leaves start to drop, a bit of gold here and a little scarlet there. Early autumn harvests of pumpkins, apples, and grapes tantalize our senses. The fall season gifts us with an array of color, texture, and taste…jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, apple cider and pie, fresh grapes, and wine…I say bring it on!

I have no idea where Clay Aiken is today.  If he is in Raleigh, he will celebrate the beginning of fall in the rain…the weatherman says there will be a 90% chance of rain!  And if he is in New York, he will have to carry an umbrella as thunderstorms are in the forecast

Clay…come to California!!  It will be 85 degrees here and it is clear and calm
I know this is a stretch, but the following video of Clay singing Falling is the best I could do!!  Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Fall Into Fall

  1. Thanks for a great video. Falling is one of my favorite songs from OMWH. Clay rocks it! Happy Fall everyone. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the lovely montage SueReu. One of my favourite tracks from "On My Way Here". Should have been the first single off the CD!!!! Well..that got me up and going this morning…

    1st day of Fall….where did the summer go? My favourite season, the colours, fresh air. Love it.

  3. musicfan – Love your description of the Fall aka Autumn season, especially the "bring it on" paragraph. I could actually visualize and almost experience the feel of that beautiful season.

    Always loved the Autumn Leaves song on the radio. Bet Clay could do a bang up job singing it.

    Moving on – that is one fantastic video of Clay singing Falling. Absolutely love the fading in and out pictorial clips showcasing Clay's concert experiences, etc.. Suerue did an incredible and superb job of melding it all together. Of course, Clay's singing helped make it all the better.

    Loved the entire blog. It was a true joy to read and watch. You are a blog magician.

  4. I adore Falling and I agree it should have been the lead single off of On My Way Here =( and it's officially fall, which means Summer is officially over, so – come on Clay, bring it on!!!! =)

    Thanks for the great blog and thanks all for the nice comments on the Falling montage (I don't usually watch them because I see things I would have done differently LOL!!!)

  5. The fall is my favorite season for some of the same reasons mentioned. The beautiful colors, the smells, the holiday seasons, the fresh air, lower humidity it all just makes me smile and feel good all over. I loved the video and falling is one of my favorites off Clay's OMWH album. That album is a treasure of music that is being missed by millions and yes, falling I believe would have been perfect as his 1st release. Ah well.

  6. This is a great blog…..I love FALL…the colors, the scents and you brought that out in our words.

    I heard that Clay was in London…..if he really is there, I hope he is having an amazing time. It makes me jealous. I want to be in London.

    Loved the video…that song is so good. Too bad so few have heard it!!

    Thank you for this blog!!

  7. Thanks for posting that video. Falling is one of my faves from that album and I hope that I get to hear it live in concert some day.

  8. Ah Yes…Fall is a beautiful time of the year. Living here in Florida..we really don't get much of a Fall. But, I do love the cooler temperatures..that we eventually get. Bring it!!!!!

    I have always just loved Falling from his great OMWH…and also agree it would have been a great song for radio. Lots of songs on there for radio. I hope he tours some day with that album.

    I, also, heard that someone tweeted that they saw Clay in London. Maybe he is there getting a new wardrobe for whatever he has coming up on Network TV. JMO though!!

  9. Yes – "Falling" should have been released as a single from On My Way Here and my favorite song.
    You stretched it pretty good! Great blog!

  10. This was a great blog today. I am looking forward to some wonderful fall weather…Today, we had too much rain!! was a stretch, but such a nice one. Thank you for posting the video if Falling and thank you to Sue for making it!!

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