Clay Aiken – In The “Blender”

Clay Aiken was in the “blender.”  It was September 22, 2006, the fourth day of his frantic spin through the talk-show circuit to promote his new album, A Thousand Different Ways 

Clay was greeted warmly by the entire panel of ladies on The View. They all commented about his new hairstyle.

Rosie O’Donnell took the lead role in the discussion with Clay. She related that she had her roots in Star Search and could relate to his experience on American Idol and how overwhelming the whirlwind was after the show.

Rosie said that Clay is just a kid who was pushed into the top of the celebrity world. She commented that it is hard to stay grounded, but that he was a good person and deserves the very best.  Clay commented that he had no idea how big the AI show was while he was on it. He realized it when he went to Fantasia’s show and saw the press. He was told that night that in his year, it was much bigger.

There was some talk about panic attacks and how common they are in the world.  In describing his panic attacks, Clay explained that he would feel like everything was whirling around him, that the walls were closing in and then it would hit!  Clay also said that the panic attacks are not over, not 100% under control yet.

The ladies were very supportive and wanted to make sure they conveyed the fact that the panic attacks were nothing to be ashamed of. They all agreed that getting help was the right thing to do.  Rosie said to the fans that Clay knows you love him, but love him from a distance…that is what a true fan would do.

The audience was excited to see Clay and hear him sing.  Clay performed Without You. It was a strong performance and there was lots of applause and cheers for the performance. Rosie’s parting comment was “I admire you.”

Two videos are available for this appearance and the first one includes the positive interview.  The second video is Clay’s performance of Without You.

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In The “Blender”

  1. Loved watching the videos again. The ladies on the View were very supportive and let Clay talk. Look how long and lean his legs are…they go forever…

  2. I think I have just about every interview Clay has done over all of these years taped and I am so
    glad that I do. I think Clay was especially vulnerable at his time – but still very open and honest.
    That is one of his many special traits. There is no denying the women all love Clay!! What's not
    to love??!!

  3. That was an exceptional interview with the ladies of The View. Clay was relaxed, funny and gave a great insight into how fame has affected his life. He certainly has a very strong will to be able face the many roadblocks that stardom has brought on.

    Every performance that Clay gives, while singing Without You, is a superlative one. His voice is so smooth, calming, and uplifting. It raises the word beautiful to a much higher meaning.

    Thanks for another excellent blog. Love the CANN.

  4. Love how handsome Clay looks…and I am so proud that Clay would share his struggles with the public. I am sure it helps many when they hear him be so candid.

    Thanks for the words, the pictures and the videos!!

  5. Loved this performance of Without You. One of my favorite songs from ATDW. Yes, I do believe that Clay was a little vulnerable back then…but, like Rosie said he was just thrown into the spotlight..and that has to be hard for anyone. Clay always perseveres though. Very proud of him. The ladies of The View love them some Clay Aiken…and who would blame them. Thanks for the great blog.

  6. One of my very favorite performances of Clay's…his voice is always stunning, but love when he does the cry in his voice. Enjoyed watching the interview too! He looked especially scrumptious that day <3

  7. Clay was just wonderful on the View that day. I listened to Without You the other day and it was just like the first time I heard it. Amazing. Thank you for posting the videos. They are great.

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