Clay Aiken – Bits and Pieces!

During the last few weeks, we have not had much news about Clay Aiken.  He told us that he was taking some time away from his public life.  But even though we knew, it always seems like time stands still.    It seems we all need some Clay Aiken news!  SO…there are a few bits and pieces that can be reported.  Small bit are better than NO bits!!

EZ – 103.1 is a radio station.  It is “Soft Rock For The Coachella Valley”.  On Monday the station posted a story about the American Idol Judges.  Titled,  Idol Might Want Nick Jonas, But Who Do You Want, the article talks about different polls that have been posted about who the public wants as a new judge on American Idol.  The article said the following about Clay Aiken:

But it seems AI fans would like to see another runner-up come back to the show. Clay Aiken, who most recently came in second on The Apprentice, was the most popular with voting fans.

I certainly think that Clay would make a wonderful judge.  He knows what he is talking about, is intelligent, quick thinking, and could critique without being nasty.  That being said, I don’t see this happening.

What the article proves is how important it is for all of us to vote on the active polls.  Lots of people looks at the results and if Clay is at the top, it certainly shows that he continues to have an active fan base and is an important person in the entertainment business.  After you read the entire article, please leave a comment.  Comments are important.  They let the writer and site know that you appreciate positive reports about Clay and his talent.  The more comments, the better chance that they will support Clay again.  You can read the entire article at EZ103.1

Clay Aiken was mentioned on two different TV shows last week.  On August 2nd, Clay’s name played an important part of the ABC show, Wipeout.  During the Final Wipeout Zone, the announcer said the 3 Cs stood for Courage, Confidence and Clay Aiken.  The other host chimed in with “I just love Clay Aiken is all!”  When the first contestant got to the 3rd C, the host yelled out “Hello, Clay Aiken!”

The second contestant ran out of time and never made it to the 3 C’s.  The third contestant won and as he got to the third big C, the host said “…and he makes it safely to Clay Aiken!”  How fun!!

On Monday, Clay saw a tweet that was sent to him from some fans.  He didn’t know about it.  I would guess that Clay’s name was used because he did tweet that he was enjoying watching Wipeout!

Clay was also mentioned on the show, Bridezillas.  I had never heard of this show so I checked out the official website for the show.  It says:

Every bride dreams of her wedding day — but Bridezillas are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, no matter the consequences! This season’s Bridezillas are hotter than ever, but just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they won’t bring the bad behavior.

Bridal party wars, smashed cakes, irate in-laws, and lots of ‘Zilla freak-outs are in store for the 9th season of WE tv’s hit Bridezillas. Notable bad girl Natalie Nunn brings it like only she can, celebrity-style! And in aBridezillas first… one Bridezilla will pay the ultimate price when she is dumped at her own reception.

For the August 5th show, a young bride gives her fiance a Clay Aiken makeover.  But, according to the news,

Jeff emerges looking more like Ronald McDonald than an American Idol.

Is this show for real?  Do these people actually get married?  Sorry, this is a show I will pass on.

I received the following information on Monday!  When there is mention Clay’s Christmas Tour, I get excited.  And this event sound wonderful.

Hi Fans,
   Well “Jingle all the Way”…it’s so great to share some time with Clay over the Holidays. Somehow hearing that wonderful voice singing the Christmas songs we so love just adds to the season!!
   You are invited to join fellow fans at The Ship Wreck Pub and Inn in Shippensburg  on  December 8th for buffet style dinner and share lots of fun before the concert.
    The event will be in their private banquet room which will open at 4:30PM.
    There is no fee to attend, only the cost of the meal which is $22 per person. The entree choices on the buffet are Chicken Cordon Bleu and London Broil along with 3 sides of a side salad, baked potato,corn and desert.Non alcoholic beverages are included.
    Your reservation to attend along with payment in full is due by Nov. 20th. There cannot be any refunds after Nov 30th (an easy date to remember) as we will be locked into the count we give the restaurant at that point.You will pick up your tickets at the door on the 8th.
    You will have a opportunity to give a voluntary donation at the door which will go to the Fan Fest account.All proceeds from Fan Fest goes directly to The National Inclusion Project each year. For every $5 donation you will receive a raffle ticket to be used for door prize drawings through out the evening.
    There is parking at the restaurant.The Luhr is about 5 minutes away. The festivities will wind down by 7:30PM so everyone will have time to get the venue.
    Because everything will be pre-paid you will not need to worry about a tab other than a bar tab when you leave if you have one. (Now guess who will have one of those…LOL)

     This event is limited to the first 90 who let me know they want to attend and send me their payment.Remember the deadline to have your reservations “in” and “paid in full” is November 20th.

    I will contact everyone with a final count so if anyone wants to bring small trinkets for everyone (as some of you like to do at these events) you will know how many are coming. If anyone is interested in offering something special for a door prize let me know. I am donating items from my private collection, a wonderful Christmas Basket and an additional surprise!!!

    Remember the deadline is NOVEMBER 20th!! This event will be closed upon receiving the first 90 “paid”reservations!!
Please mail your payment to:
Diane Knappenberger
40 Oak Dr.
Mt. Wolf, PA 17347
You can also pay via pay pal to
   **********Be sure to include you e mail address with
               your payment whether by check or pay pal
               so I can send you a confirmation!!**********
HO HO let the fun begin!!!   
Hugs to all….Cookie
Check out The Ship Wreck Pub and location at:
I hope that those of you who know you are going to the concert can attend  this event.  Doesn’t it sound like fun?
Just a reminder to send me information about any pre-concert events you might be hosting.  I will try and post them so that everyone can get the details.
One more question to help me decide what to post…
Do you use twitter?  
Do you follow Clay on Twitter?  
I would appreciate you letting me know!  
A big thanks to all of you for all your support!
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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Bits and Pieces!

  1. I was watching Wipeout when Clay's name was mentioned! I didn't know what the 3 C's were, only that his name was said several times. (was in and out of the room) What fun! I'm glad he finally saw someones tweet and I hope he googled it! I don't tweet much, but I sure do enjoy getting Clay's tweets on my phone! Great article musicfan and I really do wonder if AI ever did contact Clay for real.

  2. You asked if we follow Clays tweets . . . Sad to say I haven't tackled that part of social media yet. But I do check your site everyday and watch the tweet feed that you have on the right side of this page. Twitter is on my list of things to tackle soon.

    I will leave a comment on the article site you linked for us. Clay would be a great judge for many reasons! Would love to hear about any gatherings for the Florida concerts if they come up.

  3. Glad to hear that EZ103.1 said that Clay was the most voted person for the judge position. I know he would be a great judge..just not so sure I would even want him on this show..or vice versa. Too bad that Wipeout mentioned Clay on probably one of the nights he wasn't watching. Hope he got to see what they said. Well, sure shows that Clay is relevant when he is picked as a model for this girl's fiance. Never have seen this show though, but glad he was mentioned here too.

    Hope you get lots of people to attend the dinner for the Shippenberg Concert. Myself, I will be going to the Clearwater Concert. So excited. I love to hear Clay sing Christmas songs. I have a Twitter account, but do not tweet much at all.

  4. Actually Clay's name was mentioned on three shows last week. There was a repeat of the episode where his name is mentioned on Suburgatory. You can check it out on ABC or maybe Hulu.

  5. I do follow Clay on Twitter, but I practically never check in at Twitter. I don't have an iPhone so I never know if he has tweeted or not until I read it someplace else. Does your phone chirp at you every time someone tweets? That would drive me nuts! LOL!

  6. I really think Clay should be considered for the Idol judge position. He has been successful in every endeavor…music, broadway, acting etc. I wonder if any of the Idol producers are reading this…wouldn't that be great!!!

  7. Yes, Clay would be one terrific judge on AI. It becomes obvious to anyone in his presence
    for 5 minutes that he would fit in perfectly! And, yes, I do follow Clay on Twitter. I don't always
    agree with him, but I love Clay and I'm not going anywhere…..ever!

  8. Say Musicfan – that article about American Idol Judge mentioned a CBS poll last week that Adam Lambert got 74% of the vote. do you know where I can find that poll and is it too late to vote for Clay?

    • I think the poll is already over and closed…however, I will check it out later today. I am being Mimi right now with my 5 year old twin Grand kids…no time right now.

  9. Thanks for all the little bits!!

    Yes, I follow Clay on Twitter. I think it is important that we do that. By following Clay, I am doing something that helps him and I think that is important.

    I really don't do much else on twitter so it takes very little of my time.

    As far as Clay judging on AI, he would be fabulous. Too bad AI just doesn't understand that. The rest of the world certainly does!!

  10. Don't use twitter much but I have an account to cyber stalk er.. follow Clay. 🙂 It's easy, just like creating an email account. His tweets are fantabulous and hillarious. Love them.

  11. I did read where tgere were Clay mentions on Wipeout , but I did not know what they had said. Thanks for posting the Clay mentions. I have not heard of the show Bridezilla-I think I will pass also. It is so much fun thinking of Clay Christmas concerts. I hope there is one someone I can go to. The dinner in Pa. before the concert there sounds like lots of fun. I do read Clay's twitters . I do have a twitter account but tweet very rarely. Thanks for all the Clay news. I hope Clay is having a fun restful down time.

  12. I joined twitter to follow Clay, but I don’t have an iphone, so check it out on the computer…days later. I don’t think Clay would accept a judge position on AI even if it were offered to him. Seems like last years judges were just out to promote themselves since they had been out of the scene for awhile. Now they are hot again. Same thing for Mirah this year. Thanks for finding “stuff” about Clay to post each day, we really appreciate your dedication.

  13. Of course I follow Clay on Twitter. It's what a big fan does. The pre-concert dinner sounds great. Thanks for letting us know about it. Nick Jonas being considered as a judge on Idol is just laughable. I honestly can't believe he's in the runing for that job.

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