Clay Aiken – Worth Another Look

It is always fun when I find something in my picture files that I haven’t seen for a long time.  It is fun to share them.  Usually, if you have seen them before, they are worth another look. And, if you have never seen them, hopefully you will enjoy them.

The following are some of the official ads that were distributed to radio and television stations, magazines, websites, and any other place you can imagine.  When an album or single gets close to the release date and if you have good support from your label, they will send out the ads.  It makes it easy for the sites to include ads for the artists.

Clay Aiken has had some nice ads distributed for his music.  Take a look!

Used in American Airlines Magazine


Have you seen these before?

Which is your favorite?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Worth Another Look

  1. ALL FAVORITES!! I have them all – love them all – also loved Clay and Kelly's concert – saw it in
    Detroit. It has been a blessed and fantastic 10 years for me!!! <3

  2. The Solitaire cover is really good. I’ve always loved the picture from ATDW. He really looked gorgeous in that one. Thanks for the great look at the ads. I hadn’t seen a couple if them before.

  3. Thanks Musicfan…I had not seen these promos before. If the label would only support Clay's stuff now huh? It was fun looking at these again, and reading about his Sold Out Tour for the Independent Tour. Clay was the big draw for that tour. We all know that…We were there!!!!

    My hope is that for Clay's next album, that his label gives him the support and promotion that he had for these albums. I have loved every album that Clay has recorded. They are fantastic. Every song is great, and I cannot say that about anyone else. Most of the time I have to fast forward songs on the albumbs of other artists…but not Clay.

  4. I love the 2nd one down, the one with Clay with his arms on the chair. What a gorgeous pic of our guy! I actually have a large blow-up of the bottom pic [perhaps an original?] and just love that one too. Musicfan, you must have the largest collection of Clay pics of any fan on earth. You continue to come up with the best! KUDOS!

  5. I miss the early days and all that excitement with MOAM and Invisible. I pray that one day we'll see more promotion like you posted here. If he could find the right material and the right label to support him, it could happen.

  6. Oh they all are so good. I think Clay will still be handsome when hes 112.Today Clay reminds me of a cute little piglet.

  7. ilove them all i saw clay and kelys independint tour it was amazing in willksberrie it sure has been a blessed and amazing 10 years for me

  8. Love love love.. fantastic.. Clay is so gorgeous beautiful handsome…. sweet cute …lovable. Sexy.. kissable…touchable….. everything in the world that is nice thats CLAY …..Whats not to like…..thank you you always come up with the best you always do Clay proud…. thank you for all you do to keep us Clay fanatics HAPPY …..So appreciated…….xxxxxxx

  9. Thank you, thank you for posting these photos. I've never see these promos before, but I have enjoyed all the CD's, tours and TV appearances over the years. I only want more!

  10. Oh my word! I've never seen any of these before. My favorite is the black & white one and my second choice would be the Christmas photo. Thanks so much for sharing these!!!

  11. I've never seen the "Invisible" or "Triple Platinum" photos before; Thanks! 🙂

    Favorites are probably "Invisible" and "Solitaire" photos; love all of them.

  12. I love them all…but, I kind of favor his "Thousand Different Ways" album cover. He is gorgeous. I also like #3 "The Way" ad. Always thought he looked handsome in that picture. But, to me, Clay is always "Still The One" for me.

  13. Favorite has to be from ATDW! Swoon, melt, and a huge *THUD* for little ole me. Gets me all hot and bothered! Other favs include bathroom floor, EW on Bike looking right @ camera, any doggie pictures & for me, the one that gets me the most hot & bothered is RS! Just the way he's doing the shoulder thing, with the perfect hair & that TUMMY!!!!!

    I say on the RS pic, poo to being gay! For me & that photo, I just wanna take 'em to my room & "do things we're not supposed to!" (Oops, sorry the last line is one of Guarani's songs!) Since you posted the ATDW I'm just wondering how do you go to that website & make your own puzzle? That could be quite fun! Would someone please help me out, as I've forgotten how to get to that website & how to actually MAKE the puzzle. Would someone please e-mail me @, to help me?!

    Keep up the WONDERFUL posts, Musicfan123!


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