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On Thursday, The National Inclusion Project posted information about Dancing Like The Stars.  This annual fund-raiser is an innovative  and fun way to bring information about the project to the public and also raise some much needed funds for the organization.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio and the Southern Women’s Show are partnering with The National Inclusion Project to help make this event a major success.

A group of local celebrities from the Raleigh area will be paired with dancers from the Arthur Murray Studios and will perform at the Southern Women’s Show on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

This exciting competition is filled with winners.  According to the National Inclusion Project:

They will be working hard to learn and perfect a dance that will earn your donations and help to ensure that no child sits on the sidelines! The “winner” is not the best dancer, but the celebrity who raises the most funds for the Project!

Please visit the website for the National Inclusion Project to read about the celebrities and dancers that will be participating in Dancing Like The Stars. You can also get the information how to make your vote count.  This event really sounds like lots of fun.  I wish I lived close enough to attend and join in the fun!  NATIONALINCLUSIONPROJECT


Chart Watch by Paul Grein is a popular Yahoo Music Blog.  Paul tries to keep his readers up-to-date on the American Idol news.  On Wednesday, Paul wrote about Phillip Phillips, the season 11 American Idol who sang the popular song Home.  This week the song became the best-selling song ever released by an American Idol alumnus. “Home” has sold 4,262,000 digital copies.   Congratulations !  That is a lot of singles!

In the article, Grein mentioned some other interesting numbers about American Idol and mentions Clay Aiken a few times. According to Grein:

The strong showing by “Home” is especially noteworthy because Idol’sratings have been trending down in recent years. At least 30 million viewers watched the season finale for four straight years (Seasons 4 through Season 7). Fewer than 30 million viewers have watched the season finale the last four years. According to Nielsen, 21.49 million viewers watched the season finale in May, which made it the least-watched finale in Idol history. (The most-watched finale was the Season 2 showdown between Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, which was watched by 38.06 million viewers.)

Later Grein says:

Underwood continues to have the best-selling album ever released by anIdol alum. Her debut album, Some Hearts, has sold 7,308,000 copies since its release in 2005. It has held the title since July 2007, when it surpassed Clarkson’s sophomore album, BreakawayBreakaway, in turn, took the title in July 2005 from Clay Aiken’s debut album, Measure Of A Man, which took it from Clarkson’s debut, Thankful, in December 2003.

Underwood has three of the top 10 best-selling albums by Idol alums. Clarkson and Aiken each have two.

Breakaway is in second place, with sales of 6,282,000. Here’s the rest of the all-time Idol top 10, in descending order: Daughtry’s debut album, Daughtry (4,938,000); Underwood’s sophomore album, Carnival Ride (3,318,000); Aiken’s Measure Of A Man (2,786,000); Clarkson’sThankful (2,772,000); Underwood’s third album, Play On (2,190,000); Fantasia’s debut, Free Yourself (1,839,000); Ruben Studdard’s debut, Soulful (1,792,000); and Aiken’s holiday album, Merry Christmas With Love (1,380,000).

It is always fun to see that Clay’s albums are still close to the top.  He is a talented musician and I hope that we will hear some more music from him soon.

Be sure and visit Chart Watch.  It is interesting to see all the information about American Idol sales.  CHARTWATCH

How about a couple of pictures?

Pictures of Clay are always good!!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Catching Up On The News!

  1. Nice to hear that Clay is still close to the top, for me he still is the top one!!! Love the pics. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  2. I still find it amazing with the total amount of Sales that Clay has had…without radio support. I understand Philip Philips success with "Home" as that song is never off the radio, was used in the Olympics, and in Canada the song was used in all the "Tim Horton" ads…and Tim Horton's is HUGE in Canada. I would love to see the amount of spins on that!!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that one day, Clay will be able to be heard on the radio, so that people can hear his beautiful voice….AGAIN!!!! (ten years later)

  3. No dancing by Clay for NIP this time. It is interesting to read that Clay & Ruben's AI2 finale is still the one to beat!

  4. Thank you for the new pictures!HAPPY EASTER! dont forget to make pretty pink eggs by putting them in beet juice!Anna and Lily where are you?

  5. I do want to make one comment on these sales. Are we talking downloaded albums or physically bought albums? I bet Clay's album is still the best selling album/CD. You actually had to go to the store and BUY it back then! LOL!

  6. Hi, Musicfan123!

    Thanks as always for posting the blog and some yummy eye candy!!! Just a suggestion for a future blog, since on Thursday you did a tribute to hoodies, why not do a tribute to how many different hair dyes/styles he's had the last 10 years?! Food for thought!!!

    See You Later,


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