Clay Aiken – “An Inherent Sincerity In His Voice”

It is always fun to read great reviews about Clay Aiken and his music.  Sometimes the articles are on big, nationally known sites, but sometimes you find a Gem on a small blog.

David Armstrong is the writer of this blog.  He describes himself as ” Occasional writer, part-time actor, weekend improviser, former dancer, former singer.”

Last week, David wrote a blog titled The Only 7 Christmas Songs I Can Stand Anymore.  The following is what he had to say about Clay:

4.) Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day – Clay Aiken

The schlockiest holiday song I have on my list is this cover of Celine Dion’s Christmas song by American Idol season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken.
Like any Christmas song, the message is incredibly simple, and it’s not overdone here. Sung live, Aiken really powers out the key change note and it’s awe-inspiring. On the recording, it’s a little more subdued, but by no means less impressive.
The thing that separates Aiken from Celine for me too is that I believe Aiken when he sings it. I believe him when he sings anything. There’s an inherent sincerity to his voice that Celine, for all her power and bravado, often misses for me.
I can forgive the corny lyrics and sappy, saccharine ideology if only because Clay’s voice carries absolute conviction that almost makes me say, “Oh, of course, why didn’t I think of doing this sooner!?”

Now…that’s a fun review!

I hope you will visit David’s blog.  His other picks are interesting too and all bloggers love hits and comments!  You can reach the blog at DAVIDA


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “An Inherent Sincerity In His Voice”

  1. How fun that you found this review. I agree with everything David wrote. Clay has a way of making the lyrics come alive. It is one of the reasons he moves the audience.

    Thanks for adding this to the day!

    PS…I did visit David's is interesting!

  2. I agree with all that David said. If anyone has ever

    had the opportunity to see Clay, it’s just amazing

    how you become mesmerized and captivated.

  3. He nailed it w 'awe-inspiring… inherent sincerity… his voice carries absolute conviction' oh yeah!

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