Clay Aiken – A Pop-Culture Phenomenon

I am so glad that Clay Aiken seems to have found his twitter fingers. On Thursday Clay tweeted twice:

I hope you will click on the link that Clay put in his tweet. I think it would be a great experience.

In the evening, Clay tweeted:

It is great that Clay supports his friends. This twitter is a nice recognition of Ruben and David.

There were a couple of mentions of Clay Aiken on Thursday:

The Daily Tar Heel –   Carolina Capitol Roundup: Jan. 13-17

Aiken tweets support for Obama

During Obama’s visit to North Carolina, former American Idol star Clay Aiken, who is reportedly considering a run for Congress, sent out numerous tweets in support of the announcement.

In the tweets, Aiken referenced his admiration for former N.C. Democratic governors, Terry Sanford and Jim Hunt. Aiken also used the tweets to criticize partisanship in Congress.

The article also printed two of Clay’s tweets from Wednesday.

Rolling Stone – 15 ‘American Idol’ Alumni Songs That Don’t Suck

A rundown of the best tracks from the show’s past contestants

Clay Aiken, ‘Invisible’ – 4 of 17

After coming in second behind Season Two winner Ruben Studdard — reportedly by a mere 134,000 votes out of 24 million cast — Aiken proved to be a pop-culture phenomenon. This 2003 track, the first single from his debut album Measure of a Man, is a toe-tapping ditty about unrequited love that was originally recorded and released overseas by Irish boy band D-Side.

The magazine included the invisible video.

Do you think Clay will tweet again today?

Do you plan on buying Ruben’s new album?

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Pop-Culture Phenomenon

  1. I absolutely will not buy Ruben's new album. David Foster's producing it? But he couldn't bother to produce anything for his "brother-in-law"? Not even write a single for him? Nothing? But he produces Ruben's album???? I was already mad at Foster for his treatment of Clay, but now I'm furious. So no. Not buying it.

  2. This was a wonderful blog. I have always loved how Clay supports his friends.
    But, hey, isn't it time his friends came out and supported him?

  3. I think Clay will become a tweeting fool after he announces his plans. I follow a few local politicians and they use tweeter very often during the week. On weekends they fall silent. Ha!

    I haven't purchased an album since Steadfast. I have Clay's albums and concert music in 5 of the six slots in my car's dvd player. I may go back to listening to opera and classical music.

  4. Wow, considering how much flack Clay has gotten about the "stalker" song, I'm surprised it made the list. Rueben's new allbum has two songs that I think of as Clay songs, don't think I could listen. Think I'll be joining Sandy and going back to classical and opera (tenors, mostly).

  5. I don't plan on buying Ruben's CD, but I love how Clay is so supportive of his friends. He only wishes the best for people…especially his friends. I loved getting Clay's tweets the other day…He really does love politics!!!!!

  6. I never was much of a fan of Ruben Studdard's music. So I won't be buying the album. It was interesting watching the videos on the Rolling Stone site. Clay's video was natural Clay. No back up singers, dancers, multi locations & outfits. He doesn't need them…he's got the voice.

  7. I have been on Facebook…so many Clay fans are putting great old stuff on there. Makes me want to cry…but I am prod of him…if this is what he wants.
    Love this blog.

  8. As much flack as Clay got fot the " stalker" song, I'm surprised it mafe the list. Two of the songs on Rueben's new album are songs Clay sings. Don't think I would listen to them. I'm with Sandy, may go back to classical and opera music.

  9. i never have and nev er ever will buy rubens cds or his new cd for that matter no thank you besides im not one of ruben fans im always clay aiken fan and why is david foster producing rubens cd that makes me angry but he couldnt produce athing for clay not evin a single song im now mad at the way david foster for his treatment of his brother in law clay

  10. I think Clay isn't interested in doing music right now or D. Foster would be there for him – Clay's
    heart and mind is on doing things that he has wanted for a long time – he is ready to "Fly"! So he will
    give it a try – he is always there – with a huge heart – for those he loves and especially his friends.

  11. Clay has been given many talents, one of them being his voice which he has wonderfully to entertain us all but now he feels the need to help others in a stronger way, with his intelligence and his power of speech. I don't think he will lose his love of singing….it will be back. When he is on stage his love of music and entertaining just shines. So, have faith in him, he will sing to us again.

    I do wish him well in this new arena and I will be watching and listening….and patiently waiting for the sound of that magnificent voice once again.

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