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Tuesday was an interesting day for Clay Aiken and  his supporters.   There were meetings, announcements, pictures, and tweets! The following are some of the things that made Tuesday a busy day!

The following article was on a radio site:

WFJA – Classic Hits 105.5 – Former American Idol runner up Clay Aiken is coming to town

SANFORD–Lee Democratic Women will host their bi-annual elected officials and candidates reception Tuesday evening at the Wilrik Hotel. Clay Aiken who is running for Congress is expected to be in attendance.

According to the Lee Democratic Women, all of the Democratic candidates on the Lee County ballot were extended an invitation to speak for a few minutes and then have an opportunity to talk informally and mingle with the crowd.

Clay and his team posted the following about the event:

clayfornc The Lee County Democratic Women sure know how to put on a great event! #ncpol #nc02


Mr. Lewis is President of the College Democrats of North Carolina (@CollegeDemsNC) & Southeast Regional Director for the College Democrats of America (@CollegeDems)


The College Democrats of North Carolina posted the following tweet:

I think Clay is getting famous for his “selfies”.

According to their Facebook page:

The College Democrats of North Carolina (CDNC) is the official student outreach auxiliary of the Democratic Party in North Carolina.

Our aim is to train new generations of activists and shape the Democratic Party with voices from North Carolina’s youth.

…In the 2008 election, North Carolina had the highest youth vote margin for President Obama in the nation…

It is always good to see young people who want to make a difference!


There was a new article posted on the WRAL website.  The article is “interesting” as it includes some quotes about Clay that are not completely true.  Most people do know that political races usually have “nasty” comments flung…but…I’m a bit surprised that it has started so soon.  I guess I am just naive!

I am so glad that Clay has a team that will take care of this information.  It is important that we read only.  This is not the time for us to get involved. If you want to read the article, visit WRAL


Since we didn’t have a lot of pictures today, I thought I would bring over a few from the day Clay signed all the official papers!

Congratulation, Clay!!

You are running a wonderful campaign!

It has been exciting to see what comes next!

AND…I am learning so much about politics in North Carolina and my own state district!


Did you enjoy this information about Candidate Aiken?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Interesting Pictures, Tweets, Articles

  1. I am not too concerned about the WRAL article. WRAL, to be fair, must report all information provided to them by the candidates without favoritism. This is true journalistic tradition and something that is often missing in today‘s opinionated version of the news.

    Clay is a household name as an entertainer, but he is a newbie on the Congressional scene. In my opinion, putting out commercial ads at this time would be ineffective. Clay needs to meet people face-to-face and allow them to get to know him. He has a very special way of gaining respect and loyalty with his truthfulness and compassion. He speaks heart-to-heart with obvious intelligence. Many people easily identify with him via his challenging childhood and his ability to overcome all the odds. Yes, Clay in person is 100% better than any back-biting commercial!

  2. I guess I don't understand. Has this Brad Crone never heard of the National Inclusion Project and what it' is about? That's right!!! Helping disadvantaged children. Helloooooooo

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