Clay Aiken – One Heartbeat At A Time


I was driving in the car Saturday and was listening to my iTunes.  I had it set for shuffle.  Suddenly, I was listening to a song I had forgotten about.

I listened carefully to the lyrics and…SURPRISE … I thought of Clay Aiken.  The following are the lyrics at the end of the song.

One Heartbeat At A Time

And you, you are changing the world

One little heartbeat at a time

Making history with every touch and every smile

Oh, you, you may not see it now

But I believe that time will tell

How you, you are changing the world

One little heartbeat at a time


You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful

How you’re changing the world

You’re changing the world


You, you are changing the world

One little heartbeat at a time


From The album – This Moment
by Steven Curtis Chapman
October, 2007

Before American Idol

Ronald McDonald House Charities 11-20-03

Best Buddies – Florida April 2005

Skate With Clay Raleigh – December, 2003

Camp Gonzo July, 2004

Christie Cookie Award October, 2009

UNICEF – Afghanistan April, 2007

GLSEN Respect Awards May, 2014

February, 2014

Do you think of Clay when you read the lyrics?


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  1. Those lyrics were spot on musicfan! He's doing what he believes in and I couldn't be happier! Well, I am missing that glorious singing voice, but still.

    Looking forward to the Gala and hoping he sings a few songs for us!

  2. Those are great lyrics. Yrs, I really think Clay is trying to make a difference. One heartbeat at a time.

  3. Clay is a wonderful caring man, love him, wish I could go to the Gala but I will donate to his worthy cause. Love the pics. Thanks Musicfan.

  4. When I saw the first photo, I honestly thought it was a Norman Rockwell painting. I won't be at the Gala but I did contribute to NIP last month. Yes, those lyrics fit Clay to a 'T'.

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