Clay Aiken – The Song Conveys A Story

Sometimes a certain song just gets to you. Maybe it’s the melody that plays over and over in your mind. Other times it’s the arrangement, listening for the brass, the beat of the drums and the way the arranger weaves the strings to produce a certain emotion. To many the lyrics of the song are the most important. When the song conveys a story, it is hard to forget.

Clay Aiken sings one of my “gets you” songs. It has the most plays on my I-Tunes list and it always seems to make me feel good. I love the beautiful melody, the lush arrangement and the lyrics convey such love that you can’t help but feel good. From Clay’s album, On My Way Here, the song is titled Something About Us.


Three outstanding composers wrote Something About Us. Michael O’Brien, Scotty Wilbanks and Regie Hamm are all award winning musicians who are first known for their singing and then known as amazing song writers.

Michael O’Brien is probably most known from his 7-year tenure as lead singer of the Christian band Newsong. But, he has actually been in the music ministry for some 20 years now and has built a reputation as an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter. He put together a CD filled with 14 original love songs. Michael said about the CD:

“Our goal was to create a work that would give couples an opportunity to have romantic interludes in a style reminiscent of Nat King Cole. It’s like Song of Solomon set to music. Romantic! Poetic! I believe Christians should be writing the most beautiful love songs ever.”

Regie Hamm has won many Dove awards for his music. He has had many #1 hits on Christian radio. Regie wrote the final song for David Cook when he won on American Idol.

Scotty Wilbanks seems to be a man who loves life and enjoys being free and happy. He has earned many Dove Awards for his hits in the Christian Music field.

I don’t know how these young men got together to write Something About Us, but between their beautiful song and Clay Aiken’s soaring vocals and passion, this song “gets to me”.


Stop the music, play the song
We’ll dance together all night long
The spotlight glows, somehow it knows,
That there’s something about us
Something about us

People smile when they walk by
There’s too much magic to deny
A fool can see we’re meant to be
’cause there’s something about us,
something about us

The words on every poet’s tongue
Every love song ever sung
about us, it’s about us
From Romeo and Juliet,
to plays they haven’t written yet
It’s old and new, it’s a classic tale of two
of our perfectly perfect love

You can see it in our ways
in how we spend our nights and days
A crazy laugh, a photograph
There’s just something about
something about us

The words on every poet’s tongue
Every love song ever sung
about us, it’s about us
From Romeo and Juliet,
to plays they haven’t written yet
It’s old and new, it’s a classic tale of two
of our perfectly perfect love

So stop the music, play the song
And we’ll dance together all night long
We’ll reminisce of moments like this
Cause there’s something about us
something about us
yes, there something about us….

What is your “gets to you” song?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Song Conveys A Story

  1. "Something About Us" does get to me in personal ways! My late husband and I were like this song. It seems we had the perfect love! Thank you, musicfan for the memories!

  2. Something about Us and Where do I begin are 2 of my choices….now if I could just find a way to have Clay come and sing them at the wedding!

  3. I love "Something About Us". It's hard for me to pick one, cause I love them all. From the same CD…I love "Sacrificial Love". On My Way Here was a really beautiful album.

  4. The songs of Clay's that "get to me" are" The Way" & "A Thousand Days." I could just listen to those songs all day long & NEVER get tired of 'em. Not really a fan of the entire album of OMWH. Honestly the ONLY song on that album I never get tired of is Everything I Don't Need. The reason I like that song so much is b/c of the growling…

    Other non OMC songs that "get to me" are Over The Rainbow by both Judy Garland & Kim Locke b/c the song reminds me to never quit dreaming. The other song that "gets to me" is Tomorrow from Annie b/c it always reminds me that if I'm having a really bad day that things are bound to get better Tomorrow!

    Hoping more people comment! Keep up the good work!


  5. The "get to me" song by Clay will always be "This Is The Night". That song will always bring chills to me and give me flashbacks of good times. But anything he sings gets to me in one way or another.

  6. This song and This is the Night are two of my favorites. Something About Us would be a good wedding song. And, yes Katie, can you imagine his singing this at your wedding!

  7. the get to me song by clay willaways be solatare and this is the night now the non omc songs are all by my self eric carmon that song makes me cry

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