Clay Aiken – It’s A Win-Win Situation


Entertainment Tonight!!  This interesting show about celebrities and show business is the longest running entertainment news program.  The first show was broadcast on September 14, 1981!

I did a bit of digging last night and found out that Clay Aiken has been featured on Entertainment Tonight more than 100 times.  I can’t be exact because different sources have different numbers.  However, from American Idol times through 2010, Clay was featured 82 times.

But, ET didn’t stop following Clay.  They followed him through Spamalot, the release of On My Way Here and Tried & True, his participation on Celebrity Apprentice and even talked about his starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I thought it was great that ET continued supporting Clay as he headed into politics and have reported about his run for Congress and the follow-up shows that he was on.

In August, we got news that Clay was working with Entertainment Tonight to report on the political debates for the up-coming Presidential race.

So…it was not a surprise to read that he will be in California to watch and report about the GOP debate on Wednesday, September 16th.  Many of the TV guides for this week mention that he will be on ET on Thursday, September 17th to report on the debate.

It’s all win-win to me…Clay gets to attend the debates, ET gets an intelligent, interested person to report for them, and we get to see Clay on TV!!

Do you remember the following Clay visits to ET?

2-17-04 Kelly and Clay co-hosted most of the show!

12-27-07 UNICEF trip to Mexico at Christmas

8-1-06 Clay’s photo shoot for the new album!

Clay and Jimmy Kimmel shot promos for the American Music Awards

5-15-04 Recording Proud of Your Boy

11-30-08 Backstage at Spamalot

4-20-07 UNICEF Trip

08-06-15 Reporting from the first GOP Debate

Are you planning on watching Clay on Thursday night?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s A Win-Win Situation

  1. Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t miss it!! I love all those pictures and saw most of them. I love ET for always being good to Clay.

  2. I wasn't planning to watch the debate, but since Clay will be reporting, I will definitely watch. Thanks CANN for alerting us to this news.

  3. I am so pleased to learn ET is taking interest in Clay's ability to cover the upcoming GOP debate! Clay definitely is an attention-getting speaker, a news junkie especially when politics are involved, an accurate and fair reporter, and a man with a magnificent sense of humor that will come in handy in this debate!

    Clay has previously stated he probably will be running again in the future, and this opportunity will be a plus added to his cause. I will certainly be fixated to the TV for the debate and to Clay's subsequent ET report!

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