Clay Aiken – A Historical Day!

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Just a quick word!!  This is NOT a post in favor of any particular candidate.

 This is a post about a historical event!


Hillary Clinton has become the first woman to top a major U.S. political party ticket. After the primary elections on Tuesday, Clinton now has 2630 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Retired teacher, Tamara Keith said:

Hillary to me represents those dreams that women can do anything they want and here you are. That any girl can do anything that they want…I feel that it is just as important for a woman to head the top of a major-party ticket as it was for an African-American to do so eight years ago.

Personally, I am so excited that this has all happened in my lifetime.  I got to live a day of history!

Clay Aiken posted some tweets during the Tuesday election:

. sounds the most genuine and authentic I have heard her in a LONG time. Beautiful and historic speech.

I am glad Clay enjoyed her speech.

Clay also posted about Renee Ellmers.  Renee won the election for Congress against Clay in 2014.  This time, Renee lost the election.

It’s official! Goodbye You won’t be missed.

Clay included a video of Renee.  It was set to the song, Walk Away Renee.  There was a lot of responses to this tweet:

Kaitlyn SchallhornVerified account ‏

has @clayaiken started popping bottles of champagne yet or…?


Clay Aiken is feeling pretty good right now… #NC2


Paul Sapperstein ‏

I can’t wait to hear what @clayaiken has to say about @RepReneeEllmers demise. #gloat


Given @clayaiken‘s appearance on Candidate Confessional, I’m sure he’s loving this. @samsteinhp


But seriously Clay Aiken wins political twitter tonight. Thumbs up sir.


Clay’s tweet even made it to USA Today 

Trump-backed Rep. Ellmers becomes first GOP incumbent to lose primary

North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers became the first Republican incumbent to lose a primary on Tuesday just days after Donald Trump endorsed her.

Trump backed Ellmers in a robocall that went out on Saturday calling her a “fighter” who could help him get things done in Washington. It was his first official congressional endorsement.

But on Tuesday, she lost in a primary to Rep. George Holding after redistricting forced the two North Carolina incumbents to compete for the seat….

Ellmers suffered when Susan B. Anthony List, a group dedicated to electing anti-abortion Republicans to office, endorsed her opponent. SBA was upset when Ellmers attempted to stall a 20-week abortion bill that had the caveat that a woman subject to rape or incest would have to report it to authorities to qualify for an exemption from the ban.

Ellmers’ loss also came the same day as a video of her telling a North Carolina Republican woman that she had gained some weight.

“You’re eating a little bit too much pork barbecue. Whoo!” Ellmers said as she walked past.

Former American Idol star Clay Aiken, who lost his challenge to Ellmers in the 2014 election, wasted no time weighing in on the results.(Video)

To see Clay’s video, click HERE

It’s always interesting when Clay tweets.  People seem to really care what Clay is thinking!!

05-06-16Fox Business
I hope we hear more from Clay tomorrow!!
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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Historical Day!

  1. Although Clay may have lost his bid for Congress, I am positive his efforts stirred the pot! Sometimes losing can be WINNING!!

  2. I have no doubt we will hear from Clay! One of the many things I admire about him: He speaks his mind! Thanks for the articles, tweets and pictures! Have a great day!

  3. It was good news to wake up this morning to learn that Hillary won Calif. A historic time for women in America. In many countries of the world women have already been the head of their governments. My grandmother, who came to the USA when she was 12 yrs. old, grew up to run and win a political seat in the town where she lived. She would be so happy at the news today.

  4. It made me smile when I saw the news that Ellmer's lost. As Clay has said in the past that his run for congress was also to shine a light on the fact the woman barely showed up in the district and when she did she didn't represent the NC2. Loved Clay's tweet and video.

  5. I'm a Canadian but have been following the campaign, so happy for Hilary Clinton, way to go Hillary, down with Trump, he would be a disaster to America. I watched Hillary's speech last night and she was great! Thanks for all the infor musicfan,
    Love the pics too.

  6. yaaay hillery clinton im so proud of her and im happy im thrilled that elmers lost ya know donald trump he is a bad man he doesent deserve to run for presadint it wood be a disaster a nightmare if trump becomes presadint

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