Clay Aiken – He Hits A Homerun!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 was an exciting day for those who support Clay Aiken.  It was interesting…you score a win at a congressional debate and every news site wants to interview you or at least wants you mentioned in their next issue!

People Magazine – Clay Aiken Spars with Opponent in Heated Debate for Congressional Seat


Like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger before him, Clay Aiken wants to make the leap from entertainment to politics.

But he won’t land softly in a congressional seat if his opponent, Renee Ellmers, can help it.

Aiken, a Democrat, and Ellmers, the Republican two-term incumbent, squared off Monday in the only head-to-head debate in the race to represent the second congressional district in North Carolina.


While Ellmers dismissed the former American Idol contestant, 35, as an “entertainer,” Aiken was not afraid to rebuff her as the two tersely interrupted each other throughout the heated debate.

“The most embarrassing reality show in the country right now is Congress,” Aiken jabbed, according to ABC News.

“It’s almost as if as an entertainer, you believe that you can just go in with a song and dance and change the mind of the military leaders,” Ellmers said mockingly.

During a discussion about job creation, Ellmers also criticized what she called “this Obama-Aiken economy,” a term the onetime Broadway star quickly ridiculed.

“You might need to get a new writer because calling it the Obama-Aiken economy is just preposterous,” Aiken responded.

District members will cast their votes on Nov. 4.

People also included a video with their article.  They used a video clip that came from Good Morning America.  Be sure you visit the People site.  We want the writer and the site to know that they will get hits if they write positive things about Clay Aiken.  Click on PEOPLE


The Triangle Business Journal posted a fun poll about the debate on their site. “Who won the Aiken-Ellmers debate?”

While I am writing this, Clay has 60%…Check it out!!  POLL


For me, the best article of all about the debate was in The Opinion Shoppe at

The Opinion Shoppe – Clay Aiken on why he’s running, his chances and the issues important to him


Clay Aiken, Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, met with the editorial board today. His No. 1 focus? Veterans and the struggles they face after they leave the service. Why does he believe he can win in the red district? Because so few Republicans actually like U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers. If you missed today’s coverage of the Aiken-Ellmers debate, read it here. Here are my notes from the meeting. They are NOT verbatim.
CLAY AIKEN: Renee Ellmers is not very well-liked. Her approval ratings have been 17 percent. They’re not good. People are going to vote for her because she’s a Republican, but no one is eager to have her back. Her ability to raise money from individuals is limited. Her ability to raise from PACS seems to be limited. There are super PACS, but there’s a finite number. There becomes an end to it…

 I hope you will visit this site.  It is very informative.  In one section, Clay says:
Q: Did the DCCC recruit you? Funding you?

AIKEN: They were certainly being aggressive, so maybe so. The Democrats have a lot of trouble this year. We’re on their emerging list. They’ve got trouble elsewhere. It’s not a good year for Democrats. They’re spending their money this year on making sure people don’t get kicked out, that they don’t lose their seats. They’re having to spend their resources there. We’re making a lot of progress without that. I can’t use the word recruit, but the reason they were eager for me to run is the possibility to pick up a seat where they didn’t have to do as much heavy lifting as elsewhere. Getting me to run meant potentially picking up a seat that they didn’t have to do as much with someone with this platform.

They have a great video that shows some of the interview with Clay.  It is excellent.

You can read the entire interview at OPINION   It is certainly worth your time.  The best way to thank the site for the article is to give it a hit.

On the list of articles and mentions in the press that I made, we have just begun…  I didn’t mention the articles at

The Raw Story


So…how many more articles will be up today, and where will the Campaign Trail lead Clay today?

 I am sure Clay and his team will be busy listening, sharing, and working for the people of the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina.

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