Clay Aiken Listed in iTunes Essentials

iTunes has a group of Playlists call iTune Essentials.  There have been around for a long time.  The iTunes site says the following about this program:

The greatest songs, the greatest artists, fanatically handpicked to let you discover a legacy, explore a genre, or set a mood.  iTunes Essentials – the best place to find your next favorite song.

Very recently, thirty of Clay Aiken’s beautiful songs were chosen to show the off his musicianship and voice to make up an iTunes Essential album.

Each iTunes Essential is always divided into at least three parts.  The following write – ups can be found in each section of the song collection.

The Basics:

“Singer” seems too slim a description to truly cover Clay Aiken’s larger-than-life role in American pop culture; Broadway performer, TV personality, tireless activist, all these titles and more are part of his resume, though there’s still no getting around that golden voice. American Idol fans may have been the first to find out what his titanic tones could do with Simon & Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” but the rest of the world caught on quickly, making his version the best-selling single of 2003. The romantic sway of Aiken’s smash “The Way” from his debut album proved he could put original material across with just as much emotional punch. And when he lights up the old Johnny Mercer standard “Moon River” – with guitar courtesy of Vince Gill – his place in the lineage of great American pop vocalists becomes blindingly clear. Discover Clay Aiken’s multiple musical personalities, from power balladeer to jazzy crooner.”

Next Steps:

“One of the many traits Clay Aiken shares with the great interpreters who’ve gone before him — aside from the obvious, superhuman vocal chops — is the ability to tackle a song from almost any source and make it his own. Not only does he wear some Elvis-sized shoes on “Suspicious Minds,” but he also fits them to his own sure-footed steps. With the help of Cabaret queen Linda Eder, Aiken gets every ounce of drama from Roy Orbison’s soaring pop-opera “Crying.” And when he summons up a late-night saloon-song vibe on the holiday heart-tugger “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve,” you can smell the snow and the lovesick speculation in the air.”

Complete Set:

“When a skinny 24-year-old from North Carolina belted out a shatteringly soulful version of “Always and Forever” on the 2003 American Idol audition episode, the nation didn’t yet realize it had just met the singing sensation of the decade. From there on, Clay Aiken blazed a big, bold trail that led directly to the hearts of AI viewers, Broadway theatergoers, and enough music lovers to make his debut album a double-platinum phenomenon. With a voice capable of climbing to the heavens on a passion-packed power ballad or crooning with uncommon subtlety, Aiken has delivered everything from jazz standards to ’80s pop hits, not to mention his chart-scaling original tunes. And now we’ve stacked up his most irresistible offerings in a wide-ranging menu of musical delights you’ll undoubtedly be achin’ (sorry) to sample.”

After reading these great comments, I can’t imagine how anyone would not like to click on a song by Clay Aiken.  Be sure a visit iTunes and see the thirty songs they chose to represent Clay Aiken.

“The romantic sway of Aiken’s smash The Way…….”  This quote made me want to listen and watch this song!!

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