Clay Aiken – It’s The Academy Awards!!

Today is Sunday, February 28th and for many people in the United States, it is a huge night on television. Tonight, ABC will be broadcasting The Academy Awards. Known as the Oscars, these awards celebrate the best of the movie industry.

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will be held tonight at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood at 5:30pm PST.  Comedian Chris Rock will host the evening.

The following are a few interesting facts about the Academy Awards:

  • Jennifer Lawrence, at 25 years old, is the youngest person to land four acting nominations. She was nominated this year for Best Actress in her role as Joy Mangano in the biographical film about Mangano.
  • The Oscars will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories.
  • The red carpets at the Oscars are 16,500 square-feet and costs $30,000.
  • Walt Disney is the only individual to win 26 Academy Awards in his lifetime.
  • The value of the 2016 Oscar Swag Bag is $220,000.

One of the most interesting categories of the night is usually the award for the Best Original Song. It is presented to the songwriter who has composed a song written for a specific movie. Unfortunately, the artist who performs the song is not credited unless they contributed either some lyrics or music.

Below are some of the classic winners from previous years. These songs not only identify with the movies in which they were featured, they are often representative of their era.

Do you remember?

  • Thanks For The Memories (1938)
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (1939)
  • When You Wish Upon A Star (1940)
  • White Christmas (1942)
  • Theme from Shaft (1971)
  • The Way We Were (1974)
  • Last Dance (1978)
  • Flashdance (1983)
  • I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984)
  • I’ve Had The Time of My Life (1987)
  • My Heart Will Go On (1997)

Do you have a favorite movie song?

Looking back at the songs listed here, I can’t help but wish I could hear Clay Aiken sing these great songs.  There are a few that he has recorded or performed in concert, but I would love to hear some of the others too.

Are you watching the Academy Awards Tonight  

What movie song would you like to hear Clay sing?


Clay Aiken was back at his computer on Saturday.  He posted on Facebook, on Instagram, and posted at least 5 new tweets!!  He even encouraged some feedback.  Did you see his messages?  If not, give them a try!

Clay could wear this Tux to the Academy Awards Show!

This suit would work too!

Nice look for a Red Carpet

Have A Wonderful Sunday!

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