Clay Aiken – We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Jodeen Popp!!

Jodeen came in first with 13 out of 15 correct answers in the Clay Trivia Contest.  Jodeen, I hope you will enjoy the  Clay Aiken, Tried and True  concert in San Francisco.

Jane Wong, from Singapore was a close 2nd.  She had 11 correct answers.  Jane…..We are working on getting you some tickets too!!

The following are the original questions with the answers bolded.

1.  How many concerts were a part of the Timeless Tour17

2.  In the JNT ’04 tour book, Clays thanks Nick Leisey for “finishing my thoughts for me, putting up with my short temper, my need to be corrective and generally helping me feel like my old self again.”

3.  In 2004, Clay sang with Heather Headley at her concert in New York.  What charity did the concert benefit?  Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

4.  On what date was Measure of A Man released?  (Complete date) October 14, 2003

5.  Name the actor who played the nun who skated and danced in Spamalot. Matthew Crowle

6.  Clay had his first book signing at the Barnes and Noble at the Triangle Town Center in Raleigh.  Name three other cities he held book signings. Chicago, Orlando, Cleveland

7.  Clay participated in two special performances in Las Vegas.  What were they?  (AI tour is not a choice) David Foster & Friends and Capital One Holiday Celebration On Ice

8.  Who is the arranger of Unchained Melody on Tried and True? Ben Cohn

9.  When Clay was around 4, he sang on the stage of the “Grand Ole Opry.”  What song did he sing?  Mamma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

10. Where did Angela have a fight with some large insects?  Biltmore/Asheville  2007

11. On the album “Measure of A Man,” which song mentions the sun, the moon and the stars?  Shine

12. What is the name of the restaurant in Southern California where Clay was surrounded by photographers and had trouble moving his car? The Ivy

13. What is the name of Clay’s former teacher who toured with him on the Joyful Noise Tour in 2005?  Alison Lawrence

14. One of the cast members of Spamalot sang backup vocals on Clay’s album On My Way Here. What is her name?  Jenny Hill

15. In 2004, Clay won an award from New Music Weekly magazine.  What was the award?  Top 40 Males Artist of the Year

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