Clay Aiken – Handprints What A Gooey Mess!

For years, people have been talking about the expressive hands of Clay Aiken.  They comment on his ability to express his emotions through his hands. His hands seem to add a special touch to his song performances and when he talks, his hands are busy putting the added punctuation to the conversation.

On April 8, 2008, Clay Aiken did something different with his hands.  He put his hand impressions in some gooey mess (was it clay, cement??) at Planet Hollywood in New York.  As part of a photo op and press exposure, Clay represented the Broadway musical, Spamalot and his new CD, On My Way Here.  The handprints were to be used on the Planet Hollywood Wall of Handprints.

Some of Clay’s fans were able to attend the event.  It was reported that Planet Hollywood was filled with Monty Python material.  All the screens in the restaurant were showing Monty Python and the “What A Difference Clay Makes” pamphlets were handed out to all in attendance.

Looking handsome as always, Clay was dressed in dark jeans and a dark blue shirt and tie.  His hair was very blond and very straight.

After rolling up his sleeves, Clay held his hands in the cement while the photographers took their pictures.  NBC and Fox News were both there to cover the event.  Their cameras were up front, almost in Clay’s face.

Clay chatted with many members of the press about his experiences in Spamalot and about his new CD.  He made sure they knew the concept of the album.  Clay also did a lot of taped “lead-ins” for the news shows.  It was a big press experience.

Finally, Clay was able to leave with Jerome by his side.  As he left, he stopped and took a picture with some children who had been watching from outside.  Sure sounds like something Clay would do!

Lucky for us, there were lots of pictures taken that day.  

Do you remember this event?


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