Clay Aiken – It’s Almost 2017!

Today is December 30th!  It’s almost 2017!!!

 Are you ready to review 2016?

June, July, August!

June 10th     America Now Radio

Clay made an appearance on America Now with Meghan McCain.  There were two important conversations. Clay didn’t think Trump was a racist and he was impressed by Clinton’s speech on Election Day!


June 12nd     Orlando Shooting

Clay Aiken seemed to be trying to digest what had happened in Orlando, Florida. He had at least 25 tweets as he seemed to struggle to understand.

June 13th     TV Coverage of Orlando

Clay was in Orlando speaking about the mass shooting as a hate crime.  Clay spoke on CNN, HLN, BBC, CTV, and other local stations.



June 17th     Varney & Company

Clay was a guest on the Fox Business Channel’s, Varney & Co.  The topic was Donald Trump and whether he is qualified to be President.  Clay’s response was that he felt Trump was playing a role and not showing the real Donald.


June 20th     MSNBC

Clay was on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  Clay and Lawrence chatted about Donald Trump and his family. After a bit of teasing, Lawrence said that he was glad Clay announced his endorsement of Clinton on his show


June 21-22     Filming The View

Clay Aiken was filming a special program for the popular TV show, The View.  He was accompanied by View panelist, Raven-Symone. He was in Sandford at the Fairview Dairy Bar and the Mayton Inn in Cary, NC.



June 25-26     Politicon

Clay was an active participant at Politicon, held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Clay  participated in two panels. His first panel was Art Of Campaign Strategy.  He also participated in a panel titled, The State of LGBTQ Equality.  He was also the moderator of the college debate.


June 29th     The View

Clay was an in-studio guest on The View.  He talked about North Carolina’s HB2.  He also showed some videos of his visit to NC to talk to the public about the bill.



July 25th     The Chelsea Handler Show

Clay Aiken was in Los Angeles to tape the show.  Clay was part of a panel of 4 former Celebrity Apprentice contestants. They talked about Donald Trump.

The short segment was interesting and produced a lot of publicity.There were lots of articles written about the panel.  My favorite was from Billboard.



Clay was a guest on America Now Radio 5 times during the month of August.


August 18th     Salon

Carrie and Clay talked about the up-coming election.  The 30 minute chat was very informative and they both are knowledgable and are not afraid to challenge each other.



September 6th and 9th   Broadway

Clay attended Fiddler on The Roof and took his friend, Nick to see Hamilton.

September 24th     Charlotte

Clay was in Charlotte interviewing people about the shooting/protest in the city for The View.


September 26th     The View

Clay was on The View to report about the protest in Charlotte.  He was in the city for 2 days with Sunny Hostin interviewing people.



September 26th     America Now & Debate Party

Meghan McCain and Clay talked about the upcoming Presidential debate. Then they did live-tweeting during the debate at her home…great dinner too!


September 30th     BOLD

It was announced that Clay was a co-host on the new show, Bold Blend – Live.

Clay seemed to enjoy being a co-host on the show.  He was able to keep the show going with interesting questions and led the transitions smoothly.  He looked very much at home on the show.



Well…that is all for today! Isn’t it fun to see all the exciting and different things that Clay has done this year? Yes…I know that I did not mention everything, but the important ones are at least mentioned.

Tomorrow, we will review the end of the year! I am having fun…I hope you are too!

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