Clay Aiken – It Happened in 2015 Part 3


Today is December 30th!  It’s almost 2016!!!

 Are you ready to review 2015?

June, July, August!

Clay Aiken seemed to be having fun using Periscope and the summer seemed to be a good time to use it.

On June 7th, Clay and his friend Ruben started to Periscope as they walked in Harlem…too many people followed them so they had to stop.  They ate at Melba’s Restaurant!

Clay also enjoyed attending Broadway shows:

June 6th, he attended Something Rotten.

June 18th – The show was A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

While we all waited for the Supreme Count to make a decision about Same-sex-marriage, Clay made a few visits on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick.  

June 19th – 40 minutes discussing the tragic church shooting and racial motivations.

June 22nd – Clay was part of a panel discussing Supreme Court/ same sex marriage.

June 25th – As part of a panel, there was discussion on Trump, Obamacare, and the Supreme Court.

June 26th – Supreme Court Ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriage.  Clay was in North Carolina, but called in to Larry to chat on the show.

July was Periscope Month (for Clay)

July 6th – Clay periscoped on the train from NC to New York City.  His son, Parker, was there.  We did get a small Hi from Parker, but no pictures!

July 12th – Periscoped from Clay’s home in NY. He was with his friend Ken Arpino and…do you remember the toe nails???

July 21 – Clay periscoped with his friend Allison Glock – rumor of a new book by Clay!

On August 2nd, Clay was in Philadelphia.  He was acting as a judge for American Idol auditions. The future contestants were excited to see him!

August 3rd – Clay appeared on Sirius XM Insight Chanel Radio with John Fogelsang

August 6th must have been an exciting day for Clay.  He was Entertainment Tonight’s special political reporter.  He was at the Republican debate.  He had the opportunity to catch people and interview them as they left the event that was in Cleveland, Ohio. And, the next day, he was on Entertainment Tonight to wrap up the coverage of the debate!

On August 8th, The “brave” Mr. Aiken periscoped while his cousin, Jamie was coloring out the gray!!

Clay returned to American Idol on August 15th. He was subbing for Ryan Seacrest as a host for the contestants.

On August 18th, Clay visited with his friend Meghan McCain on her radio show…they talked about politics of 2015!

Clay continued to periscope throughout August!

On September 16th, Clay, once again, was a political reporter for Entertainment Tonight. He attended and reported from the 2nd Republican Debate in Simi Valley, California.  The event had lots of press from all over the world.  Clay interviewed many people and was also interviewed himself.  It must have been an exciting night!

The National Inclusion Project Champions Gala was held in Raleigh on September 25th and 26th.

It was a wonderful week-end, full of friendship, honor, fundraising and excitement.  We found out that week-end that Jerry Aiken was retiring and that Nick Leisey was going to be the new Executive Director.  If you have never attended the National Inclusion Project’s Gala, I hope you will be able to attend one soon.  It is an amazing week-end.

Clay stopped at each table to thank each of us for being at the Gala on Saturday night.

On September 27th, Clay was back in New York and attended the premiere of the Spring Awakening on Broadway.

Well…that is all for today!  Isn’t it fun to see all the exciting and different things that Clay has done this year?  Yes…I know that I did not mention every periscope, but the important ones are at least mentioned.

Tomorrow, we will review the end of the year!  I am having fun…I hope you are too!



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