Clay Aiken – Hello January!

Welcome to January, 2021

January is a month of extremes! It is the coldest month in the northern hemisphere and the hottest month in the southern hemisphere.

The garnet is the birthstone for January.

The snowdrop is the flower for the month of January.

Clay Aiken has done some interesting and exciting things during the month of January.


On January 4, 2016, Clay Aiken and Ben Cohn presented a web-concert.  There were over 17,000 views.  The 15 song choices ran from some of Clays classic songs to songs that I had never heard him sing before. Each song was chosen to work with just the piano. Thanks to Ben for adding a magic touch the songs!

UNCC Basketball had a Clay Aiken Bobblehead Night on January 10, 2004.  Clay sang The National Anthem, Invisible, and The Way.

On January 21, 2004, Clay was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The TV Show, Ed, was very popular.  On January 23, 2004, Clay was a guest on this show. (Picture and Video)

A few years later, Clay was a guest on The View.  It was on January 22, 2008.

On January 4, 2009, Clay made his last appearance in Spamalot.  He was certainly a star of the show and it was sad that his run was over.

Clay Aiken was chosen to sing The National Anthem at the NHL All-Star Game on January 30, 2011,  As always, he did a fabulous job!

January 4, 2012 was the beginning of a publicity mini-tour for the cast of Celebrity Apprentice.  It started off at The Today Show as the cast was announced.

On Saturday, January 19th, 2013, Clay Aiken participated in an evening book reading and discussion at the Malaprop Bookstore/Café in Asheville, North Carolina.  The author, who was featured at this event, is T Cooper who just wrote his new book titled Real Man Adventures.  Clay participated with the author in reading portions of the book.  He and Cooper read three question and answer sections about some serious, but amusing stories.

Six years ago, on January 15, 2015, Clay participated in the TV Critics Association Press Tour.  He was there to introduce The Runner-Up.

American Idol kicked off its Farewell Season on January 6th, 2016 with a two-hour premiere that focused on auditions.  Unfortunately, it seems that there were few people who cared.  The viewer numbers were down again, even down from last season’s premiere rating.

And…if you followed the news, you know that the press was following Clay Aiken and saying very little about American Idol.  That says a lot!.  I mean…Clay Aiken was trending on Facebook the next morning – American Idol was not.  There were LOTS of article about Clay and his tweets about American Idol.

Clay,  Sonny Hostin and a camera crew from The View, visited West High School to talk to the students, teachers, and parents about how the Presidential election has changed the atmosphere of the school.

On January 16, Clay and Sunny Hostin joined The View panel to report on their visit to West High School in Iowa City.  They talked to students about the bullying following the election and how things are now.

So…I like January!  I look forward to having something to add to the list for January, 2021!!


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